Jets QB Sam Darnold: I absolutely believe my best days are ahead

Darnold remains confident despite a rough year on the field.

by Dzevad Mesic
Jets QB Sam Darnold: I absolutely believe my best days are ahead

New York Jets quarterback Sam Darnold hasn't had a great season but he remains confident that his best days are ahead of him and that he will figure it all out. Darnold, who was taken at No. 3 in the 2018 NFL draft, struggled early on in the season before he missed several games due to an injury.

The Jets started the season 0-13 but Darnold performed much better in the past two games so they now own a 2-13 record. "I absolutely believe my best days are ahead," Darnold said, as revealed on ESPN. After a rough start to the season, the speculations of the Jets moving on from Darnold after the season started to swirl around.

"I'm a Jet now," Darnold said. "I know we all like to think of hypotheticals and what-ifs, but I'm a Jet right now. I love being here. I love the guys in the locker room. I love going to work every single day here." "I think there are stretches where I didn't play nearly as well as I should've, and I'll be the first to admit it." The Jets are on a two-game winning streak and Darnold hasn't committed a turnover in three consecutive games for the first time in his career.

"That's where Sam's growth has come the last couple of weeks," offensive coordinator Dowell Loggains said. "He knows, 'Put the cape away. You don't need to be Superman."

Darnold admits it's been a tough year

When asked if it's been the most challenging season of his career, Darnold confirmed.

"Yeah, I would say so," Darnold said. "I had a couple of rough seasons in high school, but this has definitely been a tough season." After starting the season 0-13, the Jets were the frontrunner to have the No. 1 pick and select Clemson quarterback Trevor Lawrence.

The Jacksonville Jaguars, who own a 1-14 record, will have the No. 1 pick and Darnold is now more likely to stay a Jet. Before the Jaguars overtook the Jets for the No. 1 pick, Darnold was asked directly if he feared the Jets would move on from him and select Lawrence.

"I believe in myself as a quarterback. Obviously, that decision isn't up to me, but I'm always going to believe in myself. I have the utmost confidence in myself to go out there and play good football on Sundays," Darnold said recently.

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