Cowboys Star Not Seeking Contract Extension

Lamb's Stellar Performance Sets New Standards.

by Nouman Rasool
Cowboys Star Not Seeking Contract Extension
© Richard Rodriguez/Getty Images

The Dallas Cowboys are poised for a crucial offseason in 2024, with several pivotal financial decisions on the horizon that will shape the team's core structure. Among the top priorities is securing a new contract for quarterback Dak Prescott.

However, the spotlight is also on wide receiver CeeDee Lamb and edge rusher Micah Parsons, both of whom are poised for significant contract extensions. Lamb, a first-round pick in 2020, is already under contract for $17.99 million in 2024, thanks to his fifth-year option.

Parsons drafted a year later, is expected to have his option exercised this spring, extending his stay with the Cowboys through the 2025 season. Given the timing, Lamb's contract situation emerges as a more immediate concern for the Dallas front office.

During a recent segment on NFL Network's Super Bowl Live, Parsons expressed an understanding of the situation, indicating he is not actively pushing for an extension at this moment. His potential extension, which is anticipated to place him among the highest-paid edge rushers in the league, seems to be on hold for now.

Lamb's Record Season

On the other hand, Lamb's aspirations and performance could see him setting new benchmarks in receiver compensation. After a standout 2023 season where he shattered Cowboys' records for receptions (135) and receiving yards (1,749) and scored 14 touchdowns, Lamb's market value is soaring.

His achievements have earned him a spot on the first-team All-Pro and his third Pro Bowl selection, positioning him to potentially command a deal comparable to Tyreek Hill's groundbreaking $30 million annual average value (AAV).

While Lamb's contract discussions are likely to take precedence, Parsons remains open to negotiating his future with the Cowboys. His commitment to the team and his desire to secure a long-term future in Dallas were evident in his comments about eagerly awaiting contract discussions.

Parsons has consistently proven his worth since joining the Cowboys, amassing 40.5 sacks over three seasons and earning numerous accolades, including three All-Pro selections and Pro Bowl appearances. His performance has significantly boosted his market value, setting the stage for a lucrative extension that could rival or surpass the league's top contracts for defensive players.

As the Cowboys navigate these contract negotiations, the outcomes will not only impact the team's financial landscape but also its competitive edge. With Parsons' extension possibly deferred until after Prescott and Lamb's situations are resolved, the Cowboys' strategic decisions in the coming months will be critical in shaping the team's future.