Jim Nantz's 2024 Fortune: How Rich is the CBS Star?

Inside the booth, a legend prepares for the spotlight.

by Nouman Rasool
Jim Nantz's 2024 Fortune: How Rich is the CBS Star?
© Arturo Holmes/Getty Images

With Super Bowl 58 looming in the backdrop and the Kansas City Chiefs make their appearance for a fourth time in five seasons, and the San Francisco 49ers, who locked horns with the Chiefs on this grand stage just four years ago, anticipation was thick in the air.

The broadcast team, too, brings a wealth of experience to the table, enhancing the gravitas of the event. Tony Romo is the new face in the Super Bowl commentary booth, joining in with the venerable Jim Nantz, whose voice is more than familiar to millions, as he prepares to deliver his seventh Super Bowl commentary.

Nantz's relationship with the viewing public extends well beyond the gridiron; he is as renowned for his signature calls at the Final Four and the Masters as a household name in sports broadcasting.

Nantz's Lucrative Deal

As Nantz readies for the pinnacle of American sports broadcasting, curiosity continues to mount as to the financial rewards of such an illustrious career.

Nantz's earnings per annum would be around $10.5 million following a deal with CBS in 2021. Even though the details of the new contract are unknown, it is highly speculated that Nantz would not have agreed to take anything less of the impressive numbers that came to the table during the negotiations.

By comparison, Nantz's paycheck could pale in comparison to some of his colleagues, with industry titans like Al Michaels and Joe Buck netting even more in new deals. But Nantz's partner Romo, believed to make some $17 million a year, points to the high stakes in sports broadcasting contracts.

Financial terms of Nantz's contract, which he signed earlier in 2021, were not disclosed, but it's clear it came with a nice bump up from his previous $6.5 million salary. While Nantz stepped aside from doing college basketball commentary last year, he also indicated his interest to continue to call NFL games, besides the Masters, with a long-term goal to eventually cover 51 Masters tournaments—specifically to mark the 100th anniversary of the event.

Jim Nantz, with a $15 million net worth, has been a cornerstone at CBS Sports since 1985, highlighting the value of experience and audience connection in sports broadcasting. As he gears up for another Super Bowl, his esteemed legacy in shaping the game's narrative and captivating viewers further cements his status as a broadcasting legend.