Budda Baker: It's been wild season for Cardinals

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Budda Baker: It's been wild season for Cardinals

Arizona Cardinals safety Budda Baker didn't say much when asked to assess his team's 2020 season but he was clear and direct as he simply used the word "wild." The Cardinals, who traded for First-team All-pro wide receiver DeAndre Hopkins in the offseason, entered the season with big expectations but it has been a roller-coaster of the year.

The Cardinals made a good start to the season but they have lost four of their last six games and they hold an 8-7 record. The Cardinals, who suffered a shock loss to the San Francisco 49ers last week, face the Los Angeles Rams on the road this Sunday.

"It's been wild," Baker said, as quoted on ESPN.

Larry Fitzgerald more or less feels the same as Baker

The Cardinals' chances of making the playoffs took a hit after a shock 49ers loss but they still have a solid chance of making the postseason.

"That's the league," Fitzgerald said. "Every single week is different, presents a new challenge. You never know. That's what makes the soap opera of the National Football League so much fun; [it's] reality TV unfolding every single week."

The 49ers beat the Cardinals with their third-string quarterback C.J. Beathard. "I think it's made us understand that we have to take advantage of every game and not just the big games, but the ones that can sneak up on us, those teams that might not be in the playoffs," Hopkins said.

"I think it's taught us a lot, man. Just how to come and start from the get-go and not play around." The Cardinals messed up against the 49ers and they are now in a position in which they didn't want to be.

"Nobody likes it but you got to fight through it. You got to find the joy in coming back and playing each week, because it's new opportunities. Losing happens, obviously. Nobody wants to lose, but it is what it is. This is the NFL.

It's competitive. It's really close," Cardinals quarterback Kyler Murray said. Cardinals head coach Kliff Kingsbury hopes his team will deliver against the Rams. "We just have to find a way to take the next step, not have these moments where we don't feel like we played as well as we could, coached as well as we could," Kingsbury said.

".. We had moments that we were good, and we had games we wish that we could have back. You got to eliminate those."