Cowboys Appoint Veteran Coach as New Defensive Coordinator

Veteran Strategist Returns to Dallas Football Scene.

by Nouman Rasool
Cowboys Appoint Veteran Coach as New Defensive Coordinator
© Stephen Maturen/Getty Images

In a major shift that has caught the notice of the football world, the Dallas Cowboys will bring back Dan Quinn to the organization as its defensive coordinator, a title left open when he recently took over as head coach of the Washington Commanders.

The Cowboys, led by owner Jerry Jones and head coach Mike McCarthy, tab Mike Zimmer to lead their defense. At 67, Mike Zimmer has the acumen to understand the rigors and demands of NFL coaching, being at the helm with the Minnesota Vikings.

The appointment of him, who is very strong from the candidacy side, as well as highly estimated within the football community, is far from being something unexpected. Of the other finalists who were considered for the position, Rex Ryan and Ron Rivera, the former head coach of the Washington Commanders, were reported.

Zimmer's Cowboys Legacy

Zimmer's coaching travels will forever be associated with the history of the Cowboys. His NFL start was with the Cowboys in 1994 as an assistant coach. He was also a big part of Barry Switzer's coaching staff as they contributed to the last Super Bowl the Cowboys won in the 1995 season.

Serving as a defensive coordinator for the likes of both Dave Campo and the esteemed Bill Parcells while with Dallas from 2000-2006, Zimmer converted them into a top-10 defense and displayed his strategic and defensive acumen.

Throughout his seven-year head-coaching tenure with the Vikings, Zimmer recorded an outstanding 72-56-1 mark in total, with three postseasons earned over that period that truly solidified his status as a very respectable figure in NFL circles.

An interesting question would arise about Mike McCarthy's future with the Cowboys in this strategic hiring, especially with Jerry Jones having been involved in the process, and the position of McCarthy being in doubt after the disappointing performance by the Cowboys in the NFL Wild Card Playoffs against the Packers.

Now, with the Cowboys set to begin another season, all eyes will be on Zimmer and his defensive philosophy's ability to help the team succeed.