Patrick Mahomes: A Staggering 17-Game Playoff Career

Chiefs' Star QB Shines in Playoff Showdown.

by Nouman Rasool
Patrick Mahomes: A Staggering 17-Game Playoff Career
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In the high-stakes arena of NFL playoffs, Kansas City Chiefs' quarterback Patrick Mahomes has crafted a legacy that rivals a full regular season's worth of achievements. Over a span equivalent to a 17-game regular season, Mahomes has not just competed but excelled against the finest in the league, putting up numbers that would be remarkable even in regular season play.

Patrick Mahomes' Playoff Mastery

Mahomes' playoff statistics are nothing short of astonishing: a combined 5,260 yards of passing and rushing, 44 touchdowns both through air and on the ground, and a pivotal role in securing 14 victories out of 17 games for the Chiefs.

This feat places him in the exclusive company of legends like Tom Brady (2021), Peyton Manning (2013), and Drew Brees (2011) – the only other players to reach such figures in a regular season. Averaging 309.4 yards per game in the postseason, Mahomes' performance is just shy of his regular-season rate and significantly surpasses any other player's career average in regular season games.

His postseason success is not just about numbers but about setting records. With 14 playoff victories before turning 29, Mahomes is already tied for the third-most wins by any quarterback in NFL history, trailing only Joe Montana and Tom Brady.

As he gears up for another Super Bowl appearance, Mahomes stands on the cusp of joining an elite group of quarterbacks with multiple Super Bowl starts and victories, including Brady, Montana, Terry Bradshaw, and Troy Aikman.

His 39 postseason touchdown passes already rank him sixth all-time, surpassing the totals of 11 NFL franchises. On the NFC side, the Super Bowl sees a changing guard with Brock Purdy becoming the 10th quarterback in as many seasons to start for an NFC team, highlighting a stark contrast to the AFC's consistency led by quarterbacks like Mahomes, Brady, and Manning.

Purdy's start also marks a historical moment for the 49ers, making them the first franchise with five different Super Bowl starting quarterbacks. However, it's not just the offense that's making waves for the Chiefs. Their defense has been instrumental this season, consistently holding opponents below 28 points in all games, a feat unmatched in Super Bowl history.

Their ability to maintain a strong defensive front has been a key factor in their successful campaign. Despite their offensive prowess, the Chiefs have shown a tendency to slow down in the second half of games, a trend that contrasts with their NFC counterparts, the 49ers, who have demonstrated remarkable consistency throughout their games.

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