Trailers shown at the Super Bowl which achieved crazy box office milestons

The choice of many majors to debut their trailers during the Super Bowl has often resulted in excessive fan hype, which has led to crazy box office receipts

by Lorenzo Ciotti
Trailers shown at the Super Bowl which achieved crazy box office milestons
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There is no USA without the Super Bowl. An event that goes beyond space and time, which stops the United States of America for an entire day. A night that transcends its sporting nature, to become a global pop-cultural event, combining sport, music and cinema. It fuses them together: and this innovation has led to a form of promotion that has been ahead of its time, since 1967.

The San Francisco 49ers and the Kansas City Chiefs will compete in the LVIII edition of the Super Bowl. For the 49ers, this will be the 8th participation in the Super Bowl and the first since the 54th edition, where they were beaten by the Chiefs. The team previously won Super Bowls XVI, XIX, XXIII, XXIV and XXIX. If they win, the San Francisco 49ers would become the first NFL team to win 6 Super Bowls, tying the record of the Pittsburgh Steelers and the New England Patriots. The Chiefs will be making their 6th appearance. If they beat the San Francisco 49ers, they will win their 4th Super Bowl, after victories in the IV, LIV and LVII editions.

But there is more than sport. The Halftime Show in fact represents the 15 minutes most awaited by fans. the musical show entertains the fans while the two teams are in the locker rooms waiting to return. There were Halftimers who wrote history. Does Justin Timberlake-Janet Jackson's exhibition at the 2004 edition mean anything to you?

But beyond the music, what fans look forward to are the film premieres. The trailers of the most anticipated films (or TV series) of the season have their baptism during the Super Bowl.

Trailers shown at the Super Bowl which achieved crazy box office receipts

Independence Day was the commercial success of 1996. It was presented during the Super Bowl XXX and it was perhaps the trailer that changed the way we understand trailers. The spectacularity with which it was mounted left fans speechless. It was perhaps thanks to the launch during the Super Bowl that the film had that explosion of popularity. Translated: The film grossed $817,400,891 million globally.

Other trailers that had great success, later translated into sensational box office receipts, were Transformers, the Pirates of the Caribbean saga and the Fast & Furious saga, as well as all the Marvel Cinematic Universe films. It is no coincidence that, for the 2024 edition, fans are anxiously waiting for the possible trailer for Deadpool 3.

Jurassic World and The Avengers increased their box office earnings exponentially, thanks to the trailers posted during the Super Bowl. Jurassic World which in 2015 grossed $1,672,400, 637 billion. Crazy. And what about The Avengers, which in 2012 grossed $1,520,538,536 against a production budget of $220 million?

It was expected, especially after the trailer at the 2019 Super Bowl, but Avengers Endgame broke every box office record, becoming the highest grossing in cinema history, before being surpassed a few months later by Avatar, re-screened in theaters. Endgame closed at the worldwide box office with $2,799,439,100.

Here, these are clear examples of how the promotion of the trailers during the Super Bowl managed to create such high hype that it then translated into proceeds that make your head spin. And history will repeat itself on Sunday too.

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