Jason Kelce Lauds Taylor Swift: An 'Unbelievable' Female Role Model

Inside the Kelce's playful podcast revelations.

by Nouman Rasool
Jason Kelce Lauds Taylor Swift: An 'Unbelievable' Female Role Model
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In the midst of the NFL season, Philadelphia Eagles center Jason Kelce has voiced his admiration for Taylor Swift, highlighting her influence not just in the music world but also within the realm of sports. Swift, who has been in a relationship with Kelce's brother, Travis Kelce of the Kansas City Chiefs, has become a familiar presence at NFL games, drawing significant attention from fans and media alike.

During a recent conversation with WCPO 9, which was shared on X (formerly known as Twitter), Jason Kelce delved into the buzz surrounding Swift's appearances at Chiefs games. At 36, the seasoned NFL player recognized the draw of the 12-time Grammy-winning artist, stating, "The attention’s there because the audience wants to see it...

She’s a world star, the quintessential artist right now." Beyond her stardom, Jason Kelce praised Swift for her multifaceted talent and her exemplary role as a beacon for young women worldwide. Describing her as an "unbelievable role model," Kelce underscored the importance of her presence at NFL events, not just for entertainment value but for the inspirational message it sends to young female fans.

This isn't the first instance of the Kelce brothers expressing their regard for Swift.

Following the Kansas City Chiefs' triumph in the AFC championship game, which secured their spot in Super Bowl LVIII, both Jason and Travis Kelce extended their congratulations to Swift on their New Heights podcast. Acknowledging her support for the Chiefs, Jason humorously commended Swift for making it to the Super Bowl in her "rookie year" of NFL fandom, eliciting laughter from Travis, who also expressed his gratitude towards Swift for her enthusiastic support.

Kelce's Swift Anecdote

The Kelce brothers even shared a light-hearted anecdote from a previous podcast episode, recounting Jason's shirtless celebration during a Chiefs playoff victory and the anticipation of meeting Swift for the first time.

While Jason's wife, Kylie, advised him to maintain decorum, the brothers fondly recalled Swift's warm reception of Jason's spirited antics. As the Super Bowl approaches, with Travis Kelce set to compete against the San Francisco 49ers, speculation mounts over whether Swift will attend, especially considering her scheduled concert in Tokyo the day before the big game.

Swift's participation has sparked a flurry of theories among fans, eager to see how the pop icon might juggle her tour commitments with her support for the Chiefs.

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