Ex-Browns QB Finds New Home with Steelers

Exploring a potential strategic move by the Steelers.

by Nouman Rasool
Ex-Browns QB Finds New Home with Steelers
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As the Pittsburgh Steelers navigate the early stages of their offseason, the quarterback dynamic within the team is under keen observation. At the forefront is the anticipated return of Kenny Pickett, whose position seems secure for the upcoming season.

The Steelers have also shown interest in retaining Mason Rudolph, although his future with the team is not set in stone. This uncertainty opens up discussions about potential quarterback acquisitions to bolster the team's roster.

With the Steelers under the leadership of Arthur Smith, speculation has arisen around Ryan Tannehill among others. Yet, an intriguing prospect has emerged in the form of Jacoby Brissett, currently with the Washington Commanders.

According to Bleacher Report's Kristopher Knox, the Steelers would do well to consider Jacoby Brissett as a viable option to introduce competition for Pickett in the offseason.

Jacoby Brissett's Steady Impact

Jacoby Brissett's recent stint was limited to just three appearances in the 2023 season, curtailed by a hamstring injury that sidelined him for the latter part of the season.

Despite this setback, Jacoby Brissett's tenure with teams such as the Patriots, Colts, and Browns has showcased his ability to deliver consistent, albeit not star-level, performances that have kept his teams competitive. The quarterback landscape at the recent Senior Bowl also feeds into this narrative, with notable prospects failing to make a significant impact, as highlighted by Alan Saunders.

This observation underscores a potential shortfall in the draft's quarterback offerings, particularly in terms of developmental prospects. Given these circumstances, Jacoby Brissett's experience and reliability could prove invaluable for the Steelers.

His track record of steadying the ship, even if not steering it towards spectacular victories, presents a solid case for his acquisition. In a quarterback class that appears top-heavy with a lack of depth for development, a seasoned player like Jacoby Brissett could be the key to maintaining competitive balance while fostering growth and challenge within the team's quarterback room.

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