Rob Gronkowski Wary of Kelce Breaking His Cherished Record

Reflecting on Legacy, Gronkowski Opens Up on TV Show.

by Faizan Chaudhary
Rob Gronkowski Wary of Kelce Breaking His Cherished Record
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Rob Gronkowski, the legendary four-time Super Bowl champion, may have hung up his cleats, but his legacy endures in the NFL records he set. A titan of the game, Gronkowski watches as the current generation of players inches closer to his monumental achievements, with a particular eye on Kansas City Chiefs' Travis Kelce.

Kelce, paired with Patrick Mahomes, one of the most dynamic quarterbacks of our era, has been reshaping the landscape of the NFL since their alliance in 2018. Their partnership has propelled the Chiefs to four Super Bowl appearances in the last five seasons, a testament to their phenomenal synergy.

Gronkowski's Candid Revelation

In a candid revelation on "The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon," Gronkowski shared his mixed emotions about his records being challenged. Initially disheartened at Kelce edging close to his records post-retirement, Gronkowski has now come to terms with the inevitable shift in the record books.

Kelce and Mahomes recently eclipsed a significant milestone, surpassing the iconic Brady-Gronkowski duo in postseason touchdowns, a momentous feat in NFL history. However, Gronkowski remains particularly proud of one record: the most receiving touchdowns by a tight end in a single season, a record he set in 2011 with 17 touchdowns.

While Kelce hasn't threatened this specific record yet, he did surpass Jerry Rice's record for the most postseason receptions in NFL history, an incredible achievement in itself. Gronkowski acknowledged Kelce's prowess and his phenomenal partnership with Mahomes, yet he holds onto his touchdown record with a hint of pride and nostalgia.

Since retiring in June 2022, Gronkowski has transitioned into a commentator role alongside Julian Edelman, offering insights and predictions. As the 2023 Super Bowl approaches, with Kelce's Chiefs facing the San Francisco 49ers, Gronkowski leans towards the 49ers for the win.

Citing their formidable lineup and offensive prowess, he believes they have the edge over the Chiefs' impressive defense. The upcoming Super Bowl is rife with historical undertones, as the Chiefs seek to replicate their 2019 victory over the 49ers.

Led by coach Kyle Shanahan, the 49ers are poised to not only avenge their previous Super Bowl loss but to lay the foundation for their own era of dominance in the NFL.

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