Lamar Jackson Receives Team's Full Support After Tough Loss

Baltimore Ravens Reflect on Disappointing AFC Championship Game Loss.

by Nouman Rasool
Lamar Jackson Receives Team's Full Support After Tough Loss
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In the wake of the Baltimore Ravens' heart-wrenching 17-10 loss to the Kansas City Chiefs in the AFC Championship Game, the world watched as Lamar Jackson, their star quarterback, expressed his anguish on the bench. Jackson, known for hearing MVP chants at the end of games throughout the season, was now grappling with the criticism accompanying being one of the NFL's most polarizing figures.

The pivotal question in the football community was whether Lamar Jackson could ever lead the Baltimore Ravens to a Super Bowl victory. As the Ravens began packing their lockers, Jackson's teammates rallied to support him, emphatically defending the NFL MVP favorite.

Ravens safety Kyle Hamilton articulated, "I don't think Lamar cares, nor do I care, what other people have to say outside of this building. Heavy is the head that wears the crown. So, many people are out there hoping for people like Lamar to fail, but we all know he's the best player in this league."

Regular Season Brilliance, Playoff Puzzles

Indeed, Jackson had showcased an outstanding performance throughout the regular season, earning a second first-team All-Pro selection.

However, his postseason struggles continued to puzzle football enthusiasts. While he electrified audiences during regular-season games, his playoff performances left much to be desired. Of his 77 regular-season starts, Jackson led the Ravens to score more than 20 points in 60 games, but in the playoffs, he achieved this feat in only one out of six games.

Ravens guard Kevin Zeitler passionately declared, "He's the leader of this team. He's fiery. He cares more than anyone. I think it's pronounced when you watch it. No matter what people want to say, I know he will be back, ready to work when it's time and take us all the way." In the AFC Championship Game, Lamar Jackson's statistics appeared solid – 20-of-37 for 272 passing yards and 54 rushing yards.

Nonetheless, his overall performance left much to be desired. He struggled with deep throws, delivered low passes, and showed hesitancy in the pocket. An interception in the end zone, surrounded by Kansas City defenders, proved a pivotal moment.

Addressing concerns about overexertion, Jackson emphasized the pursuit of victory, dismissing the notion of doing too much. Yet, while Jackson bore some responsibility for the loss, the Ravens faced broader issues. Penalties amassed to 95 yards, reflecting a lack of composure.

Surprisingly, the league's leading rushing offense abandoned ground play, opting for 21 consecutive pass attempts in the second half.

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