Lions Shuffle Roster After NFC Title Game Defeat to 49ers

Lions' Offseason Momentum Grows with Key Roster Additions.

by Nouman Rasool
Lions Shuffle Roster After NFC Title Game Defeat to 49ers
© Michael Hickey/Getty Images

Detroit Lions fans have been left with mixed feelings following the conclusion of the team's season. While the disappointment of losing in the NFC title game to the San Francisco 49ers lingers, there is an air of excitement surrounding the upcoming offseason.

On Tuesday, the Lions made some significant moves that added to this excitement, including the confirmation that offensive coordinator Ben Johnson will be returning to the team. However, the real buzz came from the announcement of 11 players signing futures contracts with the Lions.

For those unfamiliar with this type of deal, it's a contractual arrangement that allows NFL teams to retain their practice squad players or bring in individuals they want to evaluate during training camp. One crucial advantage of these deals is that they don't impact the team's salary cap, making them a strategic move for long-term planning.

The list of players the Lions inked to futures contracts is impressive:

  1. Linebacker Mitchel Agude
  2. Wide receiver Maurice Alexander
  3. Offensive lineman Matt Fairnok
  4. Running back Jake Funk
  5. Cornerback Craig James
  6. Wide receiver Tom Kennedy
  7. Safety Brandon Joseph
  8. Offensive lineman Michael Niese
  9. Defensive lineman Chris Smith
  10. Offensive lineman Conor Galvin
  11. Running back Jermar Jefferson
While these signings essentially secure the majority of the Lions' practice squad players, it's essential to note that some notable players, such as Michael Schofield and Zach Ertz, were not included in these futures deals.

However, fans shouldn't interpret this omission as the team parting ways with them entirely; the Lions may still have future plans for these individuals. As the Lions gear up for the offseason, there is hope that they can replicate their recent successes in the NFL draft and continue to add talent that complements their existing roster.

With the right moves, Detroit could find itself back in Super Bowl contention in the upcoming season, providing fans with renewed optimism and anticipation for the future. Stay tuned for more updates on the Lions' offseason activities as they strive to build a stronger and more competitive team.