Kirk Cousins Seeks $45M Josh Allen-Style Deal as Free Agency Nears

NFL Quarterback Kirk Cousins Eyes Career-Defining Contract.

by Faizan Chaudhary
Kirk Cousins Seeks $45M Josh Allen-Style Deal as Free Agency Nears
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Kirk Cousins, despite recovering from a torn Achilles, is poised to be one of the most sought-after quarterbacks in the upcoming free agency. The seasoned 35-year-old athlete, had it not been for his Achilles injury, would likely have secured his fifth Pro Bowl appearance.

In a recent development, it has come to light that Cousins is eyeing a substantial guaranteed contract, an impressive $90 million over two years, to be exact. This revelation, reported by Charley Walters of the Pioneer Press, has set the NFL community abuzz.

It's worth noting that Cousins is still on the path to full recovery after undergoing Achilles surgery in November.

Kirk Cousins' Ambitious Contract Aspirations

Should Cousins attain his desired $45 million in guaranteed money, it would align him with none other than Patrick Mahomes in terms of average annual value, ranking him eighth overall in the NFL.

Clearly, Cousins is positioning himself to capitalize on the escalating salaries of quarterbacks, aiming for what could be his final significant payday in the league. Before his injury, Cousins showcased his prowess on the field, with impressive statistics including completing 216 out of 311 passes for 2,331 yards, 18 touchdowns, and just five interceptions.

Kirk Cousins, who has been a cornerstone of the Minnesota Vikings since 2018, has had a storied NFL career. He initially burst onto the scene with the Washington Commanders, eventually taking over as the starting quarterback from Robert Griffin III.

After six years with the Commanders, Cousins embarked on a new chapter by signing a remarkable three-year fully guaranteed deal with the Vikings. However, as the offseason approaches, Cousins finds himself in a state of uncertainty regarding his future.

In an interview with Sky Sports NFL, he candidly admitted that discussions regarding his next destination won't gain traction until March. Despite his eagerness to initiate talks about his next NFL venture, he currently finds himself in a holding pattern, closely following the playoff action and focusing on his rehabilitation.

Cousins expressed his situation, stating, "I would love to know where I'm going, I would love to get those conversations going now, but I'm just sitting at home watching the playoffs and don't have much going on apart from rehab." He added, "But I really have to wait until the first couple of weeks in March to begin those conversations."

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