Jimmy Garoppolo to remain 49ers' starting quarterback in 2021

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Jimmy Garoppolo to remain 49ers' starting quarterback in 2021

San Francisco 49ers head coach Kyle Shanahan has once again confirmed that the team plans to have Jimmy Garoppolo as their starting quarterback for the next season. Garoppolo, who led the Niners to the Super Bowl last season, has had a rough season as he hasn't managed to stay healthy and lead his team to another deep run.

Garoppolo suffered a high ankle sprain in Week 2 and then missed the following two weeks, before returning in Week 5, only for the first halftime against the Miami Dolphins. In Week 8, Garoppolo suffered another high ankle sprain and he hasn't played since then though the team hoped he could be able to return in around six weeks.

The Niners, who own a 6-9 record and have no chances of making the playoffs, will finish their season this Sunday when they host the Seattle Seahawks. In the absence of Garoppolo, backup quarterbacks Nick Mullens and C.J.

Beathard received some game action. "Yes, I do believe Jimmy is going to be our quarterback next year," Shanahan said, per ESPN. In the offseason, Shanahan and Niners general manager John Lynch will sit down and try to find ways to make the team better.

"You can't say anything with certainty," Shanahan said. "You don't sit here and make promises on anything. When you build a football team, it's your job to put the best team together year in and year out."

Shanahan satisfied with Garoppolo's contract

In 2018, Garoppolo signed a five-year, $137.5 million deal. Garoppolo, who is set to earn $26.9 next season, will be the 11th highest-paid quarterback next year. "You look into every avenue and you see if there's something out there that can get you a ton better," Shanahan said.

"That's the same answer for every position, but look at Jimmy, look what he's done, look where he's at financially. We better have a very good answer if you're gonna find something better than that because Jimmy has shown in one year that he's the guy who can take us to the Super Bowl, and I also think that Jimmy is going to get a lot better the more he plays.

"That's just how much they cost. So, it's not like it's something ridiculous or anything like that. We can work all that out. And, not to mention, look at Jimmy's record when he's been here. Jimmy, you can win with. He's proven that. He's proven he's a starting quarterback in this league."