Deshaun Watson Eyes Tee Higgins for Browns, Amid Aaron Rodgers' Interest with Jets

Exploring Shared Paths of Watson and Higgins from Clemson.

by Faizan Chaudhary
Deshaun Watson Eyes Tee Higgins for Browns, Amid Aaron Rodgers' Interest with Jets
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As the 2023 NFL season approaches its dramatic conclusion, Cleveland Browns quarterback Deshaun Watson is already strategizing for a formidable 2024 lineup. Despite a challenging season marred by a shoulder injury, which relegated him to the sidelines, Watson is focused on rejuvenating the Browns' offense.

His aspirations soared high even as the Browns, under Joe Flacco's interim leadership, bowed out in the Super Wildcard Weekend against the Houston Texans. Watson's vision for the Browns' future was illuminated in a recent episode of the "Quarterback Q&A Podcast." In a bold move, he extended an open invitation to Cincinnati Bengals' star wide receiver Tee Higgins, urging him to switch allegiances to the Browns, a division rival.

Watson's pitch was a blend of enthusiasm and camaraderie, emphasizing the team's offensive strategy and the warmth of the Cleveland fanbase. He nostalgically referenced their shared Clemson heritage, a poignant reminder of missed opportunities and potential future collaborations.

Clemson Roots Unite

The Watson-Higgins connection traces back to their Clemson days, representing more than mere team camaraderie. Although their paths at Clemson didn't cross — Watson entered the 2017 NFL Draft after a triumphant National Championship in his junior year, while Higgins was a freshman in the 2017 college season — their journeys share remarkable parallels.

Both emerged from Clemson as National Champions, exited after three years, and were top picks in their drafts, marking them as standout talents in their positions. Watson's overture to Higgins isn't merely a recruitment strategy; it's a testament to his leadership and foresight.

With a vision to enhance the Browns' offensive prowess, he is eyeing Higgins as a potential game-changer. This move, should it materialize, could reshape the dynamics within the AFC North, bringing a fresh competitive edge to the Browns.

The NFL community and fans are abuzz with anticipation. Will Higgins respond to Watson's call? Could this be the beginning of a new and dynamic partnership on the field? The prospect of these two talents uniting under the Browns' banner is a tantalizing scenario, adding another layer of intrigue to the ever-evolving NFL narrative.

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