Coach Prime Says Shedeur Sanders Misses Out by Never Taking On-Campus Classes

Exploring the evolving dynamics of college sports today.

by Nouman Rasool
Coach Prime Says Shedeur Sanders Misses Out by Never Taking On-Campus Classes
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In an insightful conversation on the Bret Boone Podcast, Deion Sanders, the esteemed coach of the Colorado Buffaloes, delved into the evolving landscape of college athletics, reflecting on the stark differences from his time at FSU.

Coach Prime, as he is affectionately known, highlighted a significant shift in the student-athlete experience, particularly emphasizing the prevalence of online education and its impact on campus life. Sanders noted, "It's so different now.

Most of the schooling is online." He expressed a nostalgic sentiment for the traditional college experience, lamenting, "You guys are missing the best part of college – to walk around and be on campus, build an atmosphere, build relationships on campus with other students outside of football.

That's the best part of it." This shift, according to Sanders, has led to a scenario where many athletes, including his son Shedeur, may not have the opportunity to attend classes in person throughout their college careers.

NIL Agreements Scrutinized

Additionally, Coach Prime addressed the complexities surrounding the Name, Image, and Likeness (NIL) agreements in collegiate sports. While he supports athletes being compensated, he raised concerns about the authenticity of these deals.

"I love that the kids are getting compensated," Sanders stated, "But are they really getting compensated for their name, image, and likeness? We always hear about NIL, but we don’t ever see NIL." Sanders pointed out the ambiguity in NIL deals, particularly the thin line between legitimate sponsorships and booster money disguised as such.

He called for a more structured approach, advocating for fair market negotiations for players and stricter guidelines to regulate these agreements. The conversation took a personal turn as Sanders discussed his sons' unique experience with NIL deals.

Shilo and Shedeur Sanders recently graced the runway at the 2024 Louis Vuitton Men's Fall-Winter Collection show, a notable milestone in NIL history. Deion Jr. captured this moment for Well Off Media, marking a rare break for the Sanders brothers amidst their off-season conditioning with the Buffs.

Coach Prime's reflections paint a vivid picture of the current state of college athletics, juxtaposed with its past, and open a dialogue on the need for a balanced and fair approach to student-athlete compensation and education.