Jared Goff Joins Tom Brady, Peyton Manning in Elite NFL QB Feat

Highlighting a historic milestone in NFL quarterback achievements.

by Nouman Rasool
Jared Goff Joins Tom Brady, Peyton Manning in Elite NFL QB Feat
© Gregory Shamus/Getty Images

In a remarkable twist of NFL history, Detroit Lions' quarterback Jared Goff has etched his name alongside legends Tom Brady and Peyton Manning in an exclusive record book. Despite not boasting the same accolades as Brady's seven Super Bowl wins or Manning's Hall of Fame stature – where Brady is expected to join soon – Goff has achieved a feat that cements his legacy in the annals of football history.

Sunday's victory by the Lions over the Buccaneers marked a pivotal moment, propelling the team to their 14th win of the season. This triumph is not just a statistic but a milestone for Goff, making him the third quarterback in NFL history to lead multiple teams to at least 14 wins in a season.

This achievement mirrors his 2018 success with the Rams, where he spearheaded a 15-win season, culminating in a Super Bowl appearance against Brady's Patriots. Before Goff's entry into this elite group, only Brady and Manning had the distinction of guiding multiple teams to 14 or more wins in their careers.

Brady's illustrious 20-year tenure with the Patriots saw him reach this milestone 10 times. His transition to Tampa Bay in 2019 didn't hinder his winning ways, as he led the Buccaneers to a 15-win season in his first year, including a Super Bowl LV triumph over the Chiefs.

His second season with Tampa Bay also notched up 14 wins.

Manning's Winning Legacy

Manning's legacy, spanning 18 years with the Colts, includes achieving 14 or more wins five times. His move to the Broncos in 2012 marked a seamless continuation of success, with a 15-win season in his second year with Denver.

Goff now turns his focus to the NFC championship game against the 49ers, aiming for another rare achievement. A win would place him among a select group of quarterbacks – including Brady, Manning, Kurt Warner, and Craig Morton – who have led multiple teams to the Super Bowl. Warner achieved this with the Rams and Cardinals, while Morton did so with the Cowboys and Broncos.

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