Deion Sanders Confronts Coaches for Negative Comments on Him and Colorado

Deion Sanders tackles integrity issues in college sports.

by Nouman Rasool
Deion Sanders Confronts Coaches for Negative Comments on Him and Colorado
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As the college football season intensifies, Deion Sanders, the head coach at Colorado, has been hard at work not just on the field but also in addressing the darker aspects of college recruiting. Sanders, who has faced a challenging season with a 4-8 record, is also busy reshaping his coaching team after significant changes in his staff, including the loss of both coordinators and key assistants.

However, Sanders, popularly known as 'Prime', has not been too preoccupied to tackle another critical issue plaguing college football – negative recruiting. In a candid conversation with Robert Griffin III on his podcast, Sanders revealed a concerning trend in college recruiting.

He highlighted how some head coaches from rival programs have been caught negatively speaking about Sanders and Colorado in recordings made by recruits. Sanders expressed his disapproval of such tactics, emphasizing a culture of respect and integrity within his team.

"I don't allow our coaching staff to ever comment on another school. You don't have to put another school down to put us up. I don't play that," Sanders stated firmly. He warned his staff about the consequences of engaging in negative talk about other institutions, indicating that such behavior could lead to termination.

Sanders Confronts Rival Coaches

The situation escalates as Sanders describes instances where recruits have recorded conversations with head coaches – not just assistants – who were disparaging him and his program.

Sanders, in a move showcasing both his assertiveness and diplomacy, revealed that he has directly contacted these head coaches. "I just politely call the head coach and say 'Look here man, I don't really know you, I wish the best for you, but be careful, because when these kids bring phones into your meetings, you are exposed to certain things.

I'm not going to put you out there, but just keep my name out of your mouth,'" shared Sanders.

Deion Sanders