Jason Kelce on Possibly Last NFL Game: 'It's Uncertain'

Exploring the Kelce Brothers' Future in the NFL

by Zain ul Abedin
Jason Kelce on Possibly Last NFL Game: 'It's Uncertain'
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Philadelphia Eagles stalwart Jason Kelce, 36, candidly shared his thoughts on potentially ending his illustrious NFL career. This introspection comes as the Eagles brace for their high-stakes playoff clash on Monday night. Kelce's reflection on retirement gained momentum among reporters over the weekend.

With the playoffs' win-or-go-home nature, the seasoned Eagles center is weighing the inevitable question of when to hang up his cleats. “In the later stages of your career, the end always seems uncertain,” Kelce expressed in an NBC Sports Philadelphia interview, hinting at the looming decision.

Since being drafted by the Eagles in 2011, Kelce has become a mainstay in the league. His impressive résumé includes seven Pro Bowl selections and a pivotal role in Philadelphia's historic Super Bowl victory 2018.

As the Eagles (11-6) prepare to face the Tampa Bay Buccaneers (9-8), Kelce's career contemplation adds a poignant layer to the upcoming game.

Kelce's Retirement Reflections

The topic of retirement isn't limited to Jason; his brother Travis Kelce, 34, also faced similar queries.

While Travis, a key player for Kansas City, conveyed his continued passion for football and no immediate plans to retire, Jason's stance seemed more contemplative. Jason, co-host of the 'New Heights With Jason and Travis Kelce' podcast, echoed a profound perspective from their father: “One misstep, and it could all end”.

This mindful approach underscores his current mindset – acknowledging the reality of career longevity in football. Despite these considerations, Jason insists retirement thoughts won't overshadow his focus on the Eagles' playoff ambitions.

“The primary goal is to fight alongside my teammates,” he asserted. “Regardless of future seasons, our collective attention is on the singular challenge ahead”.

Jason's Retirement Dilemma

Throughout the season, Jason, a father of three, has been vocal about contemplating retirement, especially post the Eagles' Super Bowl defeat to Travis' Chiefs last year.

His Prime Video documentary, released last September, captures his struggle between continuing the sport he loves and prioritizing his health and family. In the documentary, Jason grapples with the physical toll of football.

“It’s becoming increasingly challenging,” he admits, reflecting on injuries like the 2012 MCL tear and multiple ailments in 2018. His candid revelations highlight the wear and tear of a professional football career.

Adding to this narrative, Jason and his wife Kylie welcomed their third daughter, Bennett Llewellyn Kelce, after Super Bowl LVII. With family considerations now playing a significant role, Kelce's decision on his NFL future seems more complex than ever, underscoring many athletes' personal and professional crossroads.