Ryan Fitzpatrick creates FitzMagic s Dolphins score last-second game-winner

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Ryan Fitzpatrick creates FitzMagic s Dolphins score last-second game-winner

Miami Dolphins backup quarterback Ryan Fitzpatrick came off the bench in the fourth quarter and led his team to a remarkable win over the Las Vegas Raiders on Saturday Night Football. The Raiders had a chance to score the touchdown late in the fourth quarter but they opted not do so as running back Josh Jacobs on purpose got down on the 1-yard line, before quarterback Derek Carr took a knee on the third down.

With 19 seconds in the ball game, Raiders kicker Daniel Carlson scored a field goal for a 25-23 lead. Without timeouts and with only 19 seconds left to play in the game, Fitzpatrick completed a 34-yard Hail Mary pass to wide receiver Mack Hollins.

The Raiders also commuted a 15-yard penalty -- which set up a 44-yard field goal attempt for the win -- which Dolphins kicker Jason Sanders made. "For lack of a better term, I live for that s---," Hollins said post-game, per ESPN.

Meanwhile, Dolphins quarterback Fitzpatrick added: "In that case, really, you're throwing up a prayer. I didn't know that it was complete, initially. My face mask was getting pulled, and my head was getting ripped off.

I turned around to make sure they saw the face mask, then [Dolphins right tackle] Jesse Davis or [running back] Myles Gaskin had to tell me it was completed."

Dolphins coach Brian Flores believed in Fitzpatrick

"If we got to go to a relief pitcher in the ninth [inning], that's what we'll do," Flores said.

"Fitz, he's always ready to go. ... I have a lot of confidence in Tua. He's made a lot of plays for us. He's made plays today. We just felt like we needed a spark. Fitzy gave us that. "Tua is a young player. He's developing.

He's improving on a daily basis. He's learning from these experiences. He'll be better next week." Dolphins rookie quarterback Tua Tagovailoa wasn't having the best of the nights so he was pulled out of the game for veteran quarterback Fitzpatrick.

"It wasn't really that shocking in a way what happened. They call him FitzMagic for a reason," Tagovailoa said. "This is the second time [getting benched has] happened. It's just something you got to learn from.

When Fitz is in there, I'm going to support him." Meanwhile, Dolphins running back Miles Gaskin said of Fitzpatrick: "Different energy. Everybody knows Fitz; it's a different type of a guy. It's a changeup. Probably the most fun game I've ever played in my life."