Raiders suffer heartbreaking last-second defeat to Dolphins

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Raiders suffer heartbreaking last-second defeat to Dolphins

Las Vegas Raiders head coach Jon Gruden didn't regret his playcalling late in the fourth quarter on Saturday Night Football though his side ended up losing the game. On their final drive, the Raiders chose to milk time over scoring a touchdown as Josh Jacobs on purpose got down on the 1-yard line, before quarterback Derek Carr took a knee on third down.

With 19 seconds left to play in the game, Raiders kicker Daniel Carlson scored a field goal that gave the Raiders a 25-23 lead over the Miami Dolphins. 19 seconds was enough for the Dolphins to get down to the field and kick a 44-yard field goal for the 26-25 win.

"The play was to eliminate all the clock and all the timeouts and put them back with their back against the wall with 19 seconds left," Gruden said, per ESPN. "I don't regret it. I didn't want [Dolphins quarterback Ryan] Fitzpatrick to have the ball.

... I didn't want him to be in a four-down situation. He's a gunslinger; he was hot. That's all I can say. I don't regret it one bit. I just regret the results. "But 19 seconds left, on your own 25-yard line, with no timeouts? I've called plays a long time.

The probability of getting that done is remote. "Unfortunately, they made a desperation play and the penalty was horrific. "Fitzpatrick gives his guys chances that most quarterbacks don't take. He's willing to throw the football down the field in tight windows.

... He got us."

Carr was in low spirits after the latest Raiders loss

"This one might be the hardest," said Carr, who is in his seventh season with the Raiders and has seen his share of highlights and lowlights with the team.

"That's tough. That's a tough way to go out, especially with all the emotion of the week for me. "I'm sick for our organization," Carr said. "I'm sick for our defense. ... My heart feels bad for our fans."

Carr thought the Raiders did everything perfect but it turned out they didn't. "I thought we did it absolutely perfect," Carr said of the last drive. "I don't regret it. You take all their timeouts away.

You take all the time off the clock. ... You just expect to win that game. "The way Coach handled that was perfect, his plays were perfect. His communication -- perfect. The only thing we regret is not finishing in a win."