Lions' Chase Daniel: Buccaneers dominated us and it's no fun

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Lions' Chase Daniel: Buccaneers dominated us and it's no fun

Detroit Lions quarterback Chase Daniel was straight honest after his team put up an embarrassing performance against the Tampa Bay Buccaneers and ended up suffering one of the worst defeats in team history. The Lions, who were without their head coach and defensive coordinator and three position coaches due to COVID-19 close contact quarantine, were dominated by Tampa Bay as the Buccaneers won 47-7 to clinch their first playoff berth since 2007.

It was the Lions' worst-ever home defeat in the Super Bowl and the ninth time in team history that the team lost by 40 or more points. "The issue was on offense we couldn't stay on the field," Lions receivers coach/acting head coach Robert Prince said after the game, as quoted on ESPN.

"And on defense we couldn't get off the field."

Lions backup quarterback Daniel didn't hold back post-game

Starting Lions quarterback Matthew Stafford suffered an ankle injury early on in the game and Daniel took over at the quarterback position.

Daniel completed 13-of-18 of his passes for 86 yards and had zero touchdowns and interceptions. "We got our butts kicked today," Daniel said. "And it's no fun." The Buccaneers were on the verge of a three-and-out on their first possession but Lions defensive end Everson Griffen committed an offside.

"It was. My penalty did start that," Griffen said. "I got to be smart and watch the ball and not listen to the cadence. I thought I was pretty good, though. Thought I was pretty good but I guess I jumped offside. "If we were able to get three-and-out, maybe we could have had a different type of game, but they came out firing."

Lions offense couldn't get going and backup quarterback Daniel took the responsibility. "We feel on offense like we need to go out and we need to score every drive," Daniel said. "That's always been the case, every offense I've ever been on, right? So when you don't, you put your defense in a bad spot, and especially against Tom Brady and that offense.

"And then we're just trying to still run our offense out there, trying to protect the football, trying not to turn the ball over, sustain drives, and then the biggest thing today was not sustaining drives."

Lions quarterbacks coach Sean Ryan's debuted as a playcaller against the Buccaneers but it wasn't a memorable debut. "Us as an offense," Daniel acknowledged. "We didn't help him out at all."