Why Patrick Mahomes Skipped Concussion Test Against Dolphins?

Chiefs Triumph in Frigid Wild Card Showdown.

by Faizan Chaudhary
Why Patrick Mahomes Skipped Concussion Test Against Dolphins?
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In the gripping Wild Card match at Geha Field, Arrowhead Stadium, the Miami Dolphins and Kansas City Chiefs faced off in a game that was as chilling as the weather. The night was historic, not just for the football played but for the record-breaking -4 degrees kickoff temperature, one of the coldest in NFL history.

This extreme cold led to an unusual phenomenon: water instantly freezing on the field. Amid these harsh conditions, Chiefs' quarterback Patrick Mahomes experienced a significant moment in the second half. His helmet, a critical piece of safety equipment, was damaged following a heavy hit, raising immediate concerns and questions.

Mahomes' Helmet Shatters

In a particularly intense moment during the third quarter, Mahomes, unable to find an open receiver, decided to run with the ball. He gained around 12 yards before being struck near the goal line by Dolphins safety DeShon Elliott.

The collision was so forceful that Mahomes' helmet shattered upon impact. This incident led to confusion and debate. NBC's rules expert Terry McAulay and fans alike were puzzled to see Mahomes continue playing with the same broken helmet.

The situation also sparked a debate on player safety protocols, particularly regarding concussion evaluations. Under NFL's Head, Neck, and Spine Committee guidelines, a player is put into concussion protocol if they exhibit or report symptoms of a concussion or stinger.

Additionally, a player can be placed in protocol by an NFL game official, team athletic trainer, doctor, coach, a teammate, or a sideline Unaffiliated Neurotrauma Consultant (UNC). In Mahomes' case, none of these criteria seemed to apply.

He showed no signs of concussion post-collision and continued playing as if unhindered. This raised questions about the effectiveness and application of the NFL's concussion protocols. Despite the helmet incident and the freezing conditions, Mahomes' performance was nothing short of remarkable.

He led the Chiefs to a triumphant victory over the Dolphins, throwing a touchdown pass and amassing 262 yards. At just 28 years old, Mahomes has now won 12 out of 15 playoff games, ranking him as the eighth-most successful quarterback in NFL history.

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