NFL Analyst Criticizes Patriots for Hiring Jerod Mayo

Former player ascends to Patriots' top coaching position.

by Nouman Rasool
NFL Analyst Criticizes Patriots for Hiring Jerod Mayo
© Maddie Meyer/Getty Images

In a bold move, the New England Patriots have elevated their linebackers coach, Jerod Mayo, to the esteemed position of head coach. This significant shift in the team's leadership, announced last Friday, has reverberated across the sports world, igniting a flurry of opinions and debates.

Among the voices weighing in is Colin Cowherd, renowned Fox Sports radio host, who aired his views on his show, “The Herd”. Cowherd expressed skepticism about this decision by the Patriots, criticizing the choice for its lack of innovation and adherence to the traditional "Patriot Way." He argued that the team, in desperate need of revitalization, especially on the offensive front, might have benefited more from an external perspective, bringing fresh ideas.

Cowherd's remarks didn't mince words: “The Patriots have hired one of their own, linebackers coach Jerod Mayo. His nickname is Bill Jr. His entire career was in New England. It would not be my first choice. He’s a defensive head coach – you know how I feel about that.

It’s a lame, talentless offense. Good luck to a linebacker's coach trying to solve it”. He further predicted that Mayo's appointment might continue the team's recent struggles rather than a turnaround.

Mayo's Deep Patriots Roots

Jerod Mayo's ties to the Patriots are longstanding and profound.

As a player, he adorned the Patriots' jersey from 2008 to 2015, and since 2019, he has been a pivotal part of their coaching staff. His deep-rooted understanding of the team's culture and expectations positions him uniquely to take on the head coach role, bringing continuity and an intimate knowledge of the Patriots' ethos.

In the upcoming week, the Patriots will officially welcome Jerod Mayo as their new head coach, marking the commencement of a new chapter under his guidance. This transition promises to be a pivotal moment for the team as they look to navigate the challenges ahead with Mayo at the helm.

As the Patriots embrace this change, the sports community eagerly anticipates the impact of Mayo's leadership on the team's future trajectory.