Two NFL Coaches Fired on Black Monday

Season's End Spurs Unexpected Coaching Overhauls in NFL.

by Nouman Rasool
Two NFL Coaches Fired on Black Monday
© Patrick Smith/Getty Images

As the curtains fall on the 2023 NFL regular season, the league's traditional 'Black Monday' did not disappoint, bringing its share of upheaval. The Atlanta Falcons and Washington Commanders have both decided to part ways with their head coaches, signaling a new direction for both franchises as they look to the future.

The Atlanta Falcons were the first to announce a major change in their leadership structure. Just after the stroke of midnight, the team revealed that Arthur Smith, their head coach, would no longer be at the helm. This decision comes in the wake of a rather disappointing 2023 season for the Falcons, who managed only seven wins.

Smith's tenure with the team, marked by highs and lows, ultimately culminated in a season that fell short of the franchise's expectations and ambitions.

Not long after, the Washington Commanders made a similar announcement.

Ron Rivera, their head coach, was also relieved of his duties. This decision followed the Commanders' underwhelming performance in the 2023 season, which was capped off by a crushing defeat to the Dallas Cowboys. Rivera's journey with the Commanders has been a rollercoaster of sorts, with moments of promise but ultimately not enough to secure his position for the coming season.

These changes mark a significant shift in the landscape of NFL coaching.

Both the Falcons and Commanders are signaling a clear intent to rejuvenate and restructure, aiming for better outcomes in the upcoming seasons. The departure of Smith and Rivera opens up new possibilities for these teams, with fresh strategies and perspectives likely to come in with new coaching appointments.

Black Monday Ripple Effects

The NFL's Black Monday is notorious for such dramatic changes, and the developments in Atlanta and Washington could be just the beginning. With the regular season now concluded, other teams may also consider making changes in their coaching staff, as they evaluate their performances and plan for the future.

As the league and its fans reflect on the season that was and look ahead to the next, these coaching changes will undoubtedly be a major talking point. The coming weeks will be crucial for the Falcons and Commanders as they embark on a search for new leadership, hoping to turn the page and usher in an era of renewed hope and success.