HC Mike Zimmer on Vikings defense: Worse one I've ever had

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HC Mike Zimmer on Vikings defense: Worse one I've ever had

Minnesota Vikings head coach Mike Zimmer didn't hold back after his team surrendered 52 points to the New Orleans Saints, saying this is the worst defense he has ever coached. On Christmas Day, the Vikings scored 33 points against New Orleans but still suffered a blowout loss as the Saints claimed a comfortable 52-33 win.

The main story of the game was Saints running back Alvin Kamara, who scored six rushing touchdowns to tie the NFL's all-time record for most rushing touchdowns scored in a game. Kamara and his teammates had no problems moving chains as they were easily finding ways to gain yardage against the Vikings.

“This is a bad defense,” Minnesota coach Mike Zimmer said after the 52-33 loss to the Saints, via Courtney Cronin of ESPN.com. “Worst one I’ve ever had." Last Sunday, the Vikings surrendered 33 points to the Chicago Bears and suffered a 33-27 loss.

The Vikings, who have lost three games in a row, now stand at 6-9 and they have no chances of qualifying for the playoffs. "Really disappointed defensively,” Zimmer said. “You’ve gotta work really hard to give up 52”.

Zimmer finding no excuses

The Vikings were missing a number of defensive players but their head coach Zimmer didn't want to make excuses, acknowledging that giving up 52 points was simply inexcusable. "We’re a little undermanned, but they should play better than that,” Zimmer said.

“Really it wasn’t so much the six touchdowns, it’s more that they just mashed us up front. We couldn’t slow them down. It would be eight-yard gain, seven-yard gain. . . . It was one of those kind of days. . . . We’ve got to get [defensive end Danielle] Hunter back, we’ve got to get [defensive tackle Michael] Pierce here, we’ve got to get [linebacker Anthony] Barr, [linebacker Eric] Kendricks, Pro Bowl players, good players that we have, they need to be back, and then we lost another corner again today.

. . . If you go back, and honest, I’m not trying to make excuses, it was embarrassing today. We’re missing four defensive linemen, we’re missing a safety, we’re missing three corners, we’re missing six linebackers, I believe, from where we started.

We’re just a little undermanned. That’s still no excuse. These guys put on an NFL jersey, they’ve got to play”. The Vikings will finish their season next Sunday when they take on the Detroit Lions on the road.