NFL Fines Eagles QB Jalen Hurts

Eagles Overcome Adversity in Remarkable Season Performance.

by Nouman Rasool
NFL Fines Eagles QB Jalen Hurts
© Adam Hunger/Getty Images

In a surprising turn of events, Philadelphia Eagles' star quarterback Jalen Hurts has been handed a hefty fine by the NFL. The fine, amounting to $16,391, stems from an unusual incident involving a horse collar tackle during the Eagles' Christmas Day victory over the New York Giants.

This event marks a rare instance where a quarterback is penalized for a tackle. The incident occurred after Hurts threw an interception to Giants cornerback Adoree' Jackson. In a moment of reactive defense, Hurts chased down Jackson, eventually bringing him down with a horse collar tackle.

Although Jackson had already secured a pick-six, Hurts’ instinctive action resulted in the penalty. The play, now widely discussed, highlights the unexpected and intense moments that can occur in the heat of a high-stakes NFL game.

Despite the setback of the fine, Hurts' financial stability appears unshaken.

Earlier in April, he secured a significant $255 million contract extension with the Eagles, a testament to his value and skill as a quarterback. This fine, albeit substantial for most, is a mere drop in the ocean considering Hurts' lucrative contract.

Eagles' Resilient Victory

The game itself was a testament to the Eagles' resilience and skill. They emerged victorious with a 33-25 scoreline, further cementing their position as a formidable force in the league. Hurts, known for his dynamic play and leadership qualities, was pivotal in steering his team to victory.

This incident underscores a vital aspect of NFL games - the unpredictability and high-octane nature of the sport. Even players in typically non-tackling positions, like quarterbacks, can find themselves amid physical confrontations.

It's a reminder of the passionate, all-encompassing nature of American football, where every player, regardless of position, is deeply invested in the game's outcome. For Hurts, this fine is a small price to pay in a career that continues to ascend.

His performance as a quarterback has been nothing short of impressive, and this incident, while notable, is unlikely to overshadow his achievements and the promise of his burgeoning career.

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