Todd Gurley doubts NFL will have full regular season

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Todd Gurley doubts NFL will have full regular season

Atlanta Falcons running back Todd Gurley has raised some doubts on the upcoming NFL season as he doesn't really see how will league manage to pull off the full regular season. The NFL is set to start in early September and the league is still preparing to have a full 16-game season despite the coronavirus pandemic concerns.

2017 NFL Offensive Player of the Year Gurley hopes everything will work out in the best scenario but admits the situation is tough and challenging. "You have to be prepared to not play or be prepared to have half a season," Gurley said on CBS Sports Network.

"If they don't do things right, we won't have a full season. Hopefully everything goes well, but I don't see how. Things just don't sit right right now." Gurley's comments came just after the reports surfaced that the NFL is considering a total shutdown of training camp as a as a result of stalled negotiations with the NFL Players Association regarding the economic plan for the season.

The two sides are reportedly finalizing a deal which will see players getting tested on a daily basis but even that doesn't make Gurley feeling too safe. "It's really not structured right," he said. "There's not a plan in place that I'm comfortable with.

I just feel like we need to come up with something a lot better than what they gave us. Everything they gave us is pretty last-minute. We should have had this done months ago."

Meanwhile, Tua Tagovailoa feels ready to go

Tagovailoa, the fifth overall pick of this past NFL draft, has shared a positive update on his condition as he is ready to return to the field for the first time since suffering a season-ending hip injury last college season.

Many had Tagovailoa selected as No. 1 pick in this past NFL draft before the ex Alabama Crimson quarterback suffered a season-ending hip injury last college season. "I’d say I’m ready to go,” Tagovailoa said, via Chris Bumbaca of USA Today.

“It’s kind of those things where you start getting the itch to get back out on the field, to be able to compete. It’s going to be a new setting, so that’s what’s even more exciting”. The Miami Dolphins were willing to take a risk on Tagovailoa despite his health concerns and they are hoping they have found their franchise quarterback.