Insider: Simple Reason Lamar Jackson Should Beat Allen for MVP

Amidst a season of standout performances and tight competition,

by Faizan Chaudhary
Insider: Simple Reason Lamar Jackson Should Beat Allen for MVP
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In the fiercely competitive race for the 2023 NFL MVP award, Baltimore Ravens' quarterback Lamar Jackson emerges as the frontrunner, eclipsing other strong contenders in a season marked by remarkable performances. Notably, Buffalo Bills' Josh Allen, tied with Miami Dolphins' Tua Tagovailoa with odds of +800, is making a compelling case for himself with his impressive stats.

Through 15 games, Allen has amassed an impressive 4,191 total yards and 40 touchdowns, a testament to his pivotal role in the Bills' offense. Despite these robust numbers, Sports Illustrated's Albert Breer, in his weekly mailbag column, leans towards Jackson over Allen for the coveted MVP title.

Breer acknowledges Allen's significant contributions, highlighting how the Bills frequently rely on him in critical situations. Allen's ability to rise to the occasion is undisputed, yet his 15 interceptions, ranking second in the NFL, alongside three lost fumbles, slightly tarnish his MVP candidacy.

Allen's MVP Dilemma

Breer argues that while Allen's turnovers are a blemish, they often occur in high-pressure scenarios where he's heavily leaned on, providing a nuanced perspective to his otherwise stellar performance.

This context, according to Breer, is crucial in evaluating Allen's strong yet imperfect claim to the MVP award. If it were up to him, Lamar Jackson would be his pick for MVP, with Allen a close second. This season, Allen has been responsible for 18 turnovers, including 15 interceptions and three lost fumbles.

Jackson, on the other hand, has a lower turnover count with 13 - seven interceptions and six fumbles. Notably, in the Ravens' last five games, Jackson has only given up the ball twice, showcasing a tightening grip on ball security.

As the regular season nears its conclusion, the MVP debate heats up. Jackson is poised to face the Dolphins in Week 17, while Allen gears up for a showdown against the New England Patriots. With each game, the narrative could shift, making this MVP race one of the most intriguing in recent NFL history.

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