Daniel Jones to be starting quarterback for Giants in 2021

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Daniel Jones to be starting quarterback for Giants in 2021

New York Giants head coach Joe Judge has noted that Daniel Jones will be the team's starting quarterback in the remainder of this season and will also start for the team next year. Jones has had an up and down season on the field and he has also struggled with injuries but still he has done enough to convince Giants coach Judge that he is the right quarterback for the organization going forward.

Jones has thrown just eight touchdown passes this year -- he has committed 14 turnovers -- the Giants stand at 5-9 but still have a chance of winning the AFC East Division and earning a playoff spot. "Daniel Jones is our quarterback," Judge said when asked if Jones was the Giants' guy for the next year.

Judge insists Jones is a hard worker, who enjoys a good reputation among teammates and coaching staff. "To me it's a string of moments watching Daniel work," Judge said. "Watching the respect he has in the locker room.

Watching him lead throughout this season. I think he's demonstrated a level of toughness and leadership and knowledge on the field that gives us confidence to put him out there and build with Daniel. "I'm not going to point to one moment but I can talk about this entire season of, 'This guy has definitely earned my respect.'

I kind of made it very hard on him from the beginning in a lot of ways. He hasn't blinked."

Jones struggled early on in the season

Jones performed poorly at the beginning of the season as the Giants lost the first five games of the year.

Jones started playing better and the Giants started claiming wins but then the 2019 No. 6 pick suffered a hamstring injury. "I think you look at those game and the games we won, we protected the ball better," Jones said.

"I think at times, particularly earlier this year, I think I was pressing to make a play when it wasn't there and learning when it's not there and the best decision is to protect the ball and make sure you're controlling that."

Jones also has nothing but good to say about coach Judge and he is looking forward to playing the Baltimore Ravens this Sunday. "Yeah, I've learned a ton from Coach Judge and enjoyed working with him. My job is to earn it every day," Jones said on earning the new staff's trust.

"That is the approach you have to take in this league and come in every single day and earn your job and work hard and do what you're asked to do as a player every day. That is what I'm focused on. I'll continue to do that. My focus is on this week. Making sure we're as well prepared as we can be for Sunday."