Dolphins Seal Victory in the Last Second: NFL Week 16 Unfolds with Surprises

Jason Sanders field goal in the last second, the Miami Dolphins beat the Dallas Cowboys 22-20 at home

by Sededin Dedovic
Dolphins Seal Victory in the Last Second: NFL Week 16 Unfolds with Surprises
© Megan Briggs / Getty Images

The Miami Dolphins cruised to a 22-20 victory over the Dallas Cowboys thanks to Jason Sanders' last-second field goal. The win lifted the Dolphins to an impressive 11-4 record, securing their spot in the postseason. The Dolphins have thus already secured a place in the playoffs, and Sanders has been an unexpected hero on a team that has more touchdowns than anyone else in the NFL.

Despite facing a tough opponent, the Dolphins' unexpected hero, Jason Sanders, showed his reliability by successfully making 22 of 26 field goal attempts this season. Sanders humbly noted, "Not every year can be an All-Pro year.

I'm still guessing, I'm still where I need to be." Quarterback Tua Tagovaiola played a key role in the Dolphins' success, passing for 293 yards with one touchdown. On the clinching drive, Tagovaiola connected twice with Tyreek Hill for an impressive 64-yard gain.

The win underscored the offensive prowess of the Dolphins, who boasted more touchdowns than any other team in the NFL. On the other hand, Dak Prescott of the Dallas Cowboys had a commendable performance, with 253 yards and two touchdowns.

Despite the loss, the Cowboys maintain a strong 10-5 record.

Other matches

In other NFL games, the Chicago Bears dominated the first half against the Arizona Cardinals, securing a 27-16 victory. Quarterback Justin Fields showed off his skills by passing for one touchdown and running for another, while Halil Herbert ran for a season-high 112 yards with a touchdown, giving the Bears their sixth win of the season.

The Tampa Bay Buccaneers showed dominance against the Jacksonville Jaguars, securing a convincing 30-12 victory. Quarterback Baker Mayfield continued his stellar performance, completing 26 of 35 passes for 283 yards and two touchdowns.

The Buccaneers now boast a four-game winning streak, bouncing back from a challenging seven-game streak earlier in the season. In the final showdown of the evening, the New England Patriots triumphed over the Denver Broncos with a 26-23 victory.

Chad Ryland's impressive 56-yard field goal ended up sealing the victory for the Patriots. Despite leading 20-0 in the third quarter, the Patriots had to fend off a late surge by the Broncos and quarterback Russell Wilson.

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