Patrick Mahomes Unhappy with Chiefs' NFL Christmas Schedule

NFL Star Balances Career and Holiday Family Time.

by Nouman Rasool
Patrick Mahomes Unhappy with Chiefs' NFL Christmas Schedule
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In the festive season of Christmas, NFL fans are gearing up for a special treat with three games scheduled on Christmas Day, but this celebration comes at a personal cost for players like Patrick Mahomes, the star quarterback of the Kansas City Chiefs.

The Chiefs are set to host the Las Vegas Raiders at Arrowhead Stadium, standing as the centerpiece in a trio of holiday games. This match-up is flanked by the New York Giants facing the Philadelphia Eagles and a top-seed clash between the San Francisco 49ers and the Baltimore Ravens.

The Chiefs, holding a 9-5 record after their recent victory over the New England Patriots, are keen to continue their momentum following a brief slump against the Green Bay Packers and Buffalo Bills. Currently positioned as the number three seed in the AFC, the Chiefs are on the cusp of securing a playoff spot as they head into Week 16.

Mahomes' Festive Dilemma

Mahomes, a family man, married to Brittany Mahomes and a father of two, expressed mixed feelings about playing on Christmas. In an interview with ProFootballTalk, he shared his enthusiasm for the unique opportunity to play at Arrowhead Stadium, a game that promises to captivate audiences who will be tuning in post-Christmas celebrations.

However, Mahomes also conveyed his disappointment at missing Christmas Eve and the morning festivities with his children. He lamented missing Santa's visit but remained optimistic about celebrating with his family post-game.

An interesting subplot to the Chiefs' season has been the presence of global pop icon Taylor Swift, who is reportedly dating Chiefs tight end Travis Kelce. Swift's consistent attendance at Chiefs games, including the recent match at Gillette Stadium, has added a celebrity charm to the sidelines.

This season, Swift has been spotted in a private suite alongside Brittany Mahomes for most games, often traveling together to support the team. The duo's commitment was notably evident during the Chiefs' game against the Packers on December 3rd.

Despite adverse weather conditions in Green Bay, both Brittany and Swift made it to the game, braving heavy snowfall. With Swift's frequent appearances and Brittany's unwavering support, the Chiefs' games are becoming a blend of high-stakes football and star-studded spectacles.

As the Christmas Day game approaches, all eyes will be on Mahomes and his team as they strive for a win. Simultaneously, fans will also be watching the stands, where the convergence of sports and pop culture adds an extra layer of excitement to the festive football showdown.

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