NFL Star Tyreek Hill: Three Babies, Three Women – Inside the Drama

Tyreek Hill was obviously very careless because this year alone he managed to have three children with three different women, two he admitted, and soon probably the third

by Sededin Dedovic
NFL Star Tyreek Hill: Three Babies, Three Women – Inside the Drama
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In the world of football, Miami Dolphins wide receiver Tyreek Hill has not only made a name for himself on the field, but has also become the talk of the town for his adventures off the field. In the past year, or rather in just five months, Hill welcomed three children with three different women.

As a standout NFL star, Hill's popularity among women is no secret. His carefree attitude has led to him becoming a father three times in the span of a year, which he has openly admitted to two children and is likely to admit to a third child soon.

In the past period, Hill did a DNA test for a boy and a girl he got from brief relationships with Brittany Luckner and Kimberly Barker. In recent developments, 33-year-old Camille Valmon has come forward as the mother of Hill's third child, born on March 12.

Hill as a phenomenal father. Despite an ongoing child support dispute with the mothers of his other two children, Valmon praises Hill's parenting skills.

A great father to his children

While the mothers are seeking higher child support payments than the current $2,500 a month, Valmon has a positive outlook on Hill's parenting.

She claims that Tyreek is truly a phenomenal father: "I can't say anything about what happens outside of our relationship as parents. It's none of my business. I'll just say he's a great father, not only to our son, but to the other children he has," Valmon said.

It is certainly interesting that Tyreek Hill recently got married. His wife, Keta Vaccaro, has not yet come forward in this case. However, Hill, known for his reputation as a playboy, seems to have been transparent about his lifestyle so this isn't all that surprising.

In addition to his "outbursts" off the field, Hill is known for his thrifty habits, driving an old car, avoiding unnecessary purchases and saving money. Despite his current financial stability, with an increasing number of children, it is clear that Hill's responsible financial planning will increase despite the frustrations of his children's mothers. Hill is already a true living legend of the NFL with his unusual life.

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