Eagles rookie QB Jalen Hurts to start versus Cowboys

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Eagles rookie QB Jalen Hurts to start versus Cowboys

Philadelphia Eagles head coach Doug Pederson was satisfied with the way Jalen Hurts performed against the Arizona Cardinals this past Sunday so he named the rookie quarterback as the starter for this week's game against the Dallas Cowboys.

Hurts, who replaced Carson Wentz mid-game against the Green Bay Packers three weeks ago, performed well in his second NFL start but the Eagles still failed to get a win as the Cardinals won 33-26. Though the Eagles lost, Hurts put up a good performance as he went 24-of-44 for 338 yards, three touchdowns and zero interceptions.

"He led the team. He played mentally and physically tough, which was good to see," Pederson said of Hurts' performance against Arizona, as quoted on ESPN. "He extended plays with his legs. He had to throw probably more from the pocket because of the nature of the game and getting behind early in the football game.

I guess the biggest thing is just leading the team and keeping the guys engaged for the entire game and gave us a chance there at the end."

Wentz not happy that Hurts is a starter

On Sunday, sources told ESPN's Adam Schefter that Wentz wasn't happy with benching that he would ask for a trade if the team committed to Hurts as the starter going forward.

"Carson has done everything we've asked him to do. He's a pro. He's engaging. He's helping Jalen," coach Pederson said. "I get it, and I understand it's a frustrating situation for him, but at the same time, I see him helping Jalen and helping our offense."

Hurts has put up some notable stats in his first two NFL starts but he insists he cares only about winning -- not about records. "I could care less to hear any of the young stuff, second-start stuff, rookie stuff. We have a standard we want to play to," Hurts said.

"I personally have a standard I want to play to, and we've just got to find a way to get it done." When asked to assess Hurts' performance after the game, coach Pederson said: "I thought he had great poise out there, great leadership, played obviously physically tough, mentally tough.

He's doing a good job. I would say there's still room to grow, obviously. Just learning the details of our game, he can get better there, but he gave us an opportunity to win today."