Deion Sanders Loses Transfer Recruit to Oregon's Dan Lanning

Highly Touted Lineman's Surprise Transfer Decision Shakes Recruiting Landscape.

by Nouman Rasool
Deion Sanders Loses Transfer Recruit to Oregon's Dan Lanning
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In a sudden turn of events, Matthew Bedford, a sought-after transfer offensive lineman from Indiana, has made a significant commitment change, opting to play for the Oregon Ducks rather than the Colorado Buffaloes, causing a major setback for Deion Sanders' recruiting efforts.

Just days ago, Bedford had announced his commitment to Colorado on December 12, but now he has chosen to join the ranks of the Oregon Ducks, under the guidance of head coach Dan Lanning. This decision represents yet another victory for Coach Lanning over Deion Sanders, as it follows the Ducks' dominating 42-6 win against the Buffaloes at Autzen Stadium during the regular season.

Bedford's choice underscores the growing appeal of the Oregon program.

Matthew Bedford Chooses Oregon

In a statement expressing his gratitude to the University of Colorado, Bedford said, "I want to express my deepest gratitude to the University of Colorado and their amazing coaching staff, and community for their support and belief in me.

The Colorado organization is so amazing that I made a decision too hastily before weighing all of my options. However, upon reflection, I believe that the University of Oregon aligns perfectly with my long-term goals, and I am thrilled to join the Oregon Ducks and contribute my best on and off the football field."

Bedford's excitement about joining the Ducks is palpable, hinting at his determination to excel in his new role.

This unexpected change in commitment represents a substantial setback for Deion Sanders and the Colorado Buffaloes.

The offensive line has been a top priority for Colorado in the offseason, and Bedford was highly regarded as a day one starter, making his defection to Oregon all the more disappointing. Bedford's arrival is anticipated to bolster the Oregon offense significantly, especially under the leadership of quarterback Dillon Gabriel, a transfer from Oklahoma.

This move also coincides with the Ducks' upcoming entry into the Big Ten, making Bedford's decision a strategic addition to Oregon's roster, enhancing their competitiveness for the upcoming season. In the ever-competitive landscape of college football recruiting, Coach Lanning's ability to secure talents like Bedford reinforces Oregon's standing and strengthens their prospects in the Big Ten conference.

For Deion Sanders and Colorado, this unexpected twist serves as a stark reminder of the dynamic and unpredictable nature of the recruiting game.

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