Tom Brady Blames Gardner Minshew for Damontae Kazee Hit, Suspension

Rising NFL Star Michael Pittman Jr. Faces Uncertain Recovery.

by Nouman Rasool
Tom Brady Blames Gardner Minshew for Damontae Kazee Hit, Suspension
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In the aftermath of a controversial hit by Damontae Kazee on Indianapolis Colts receiver Michael Pittman Jr., a hit that led to Kazee's suspension for the remainder of the season, the NFL world has witnessed a spirited exchange of opinions.

Perhaps the most notable voice to weigh in on the matter is none other than the legendary quarterback, Tom Brady. Brady, a seven-time Super Bowl champion, took to Instagram in response to a SportsCenter post featuring the hit and the subsequent suspension of Kazee.

In his comment, Brady expressed empathy for players getting injured but argued that the responsibility should be shared across the board. He suggested that quarterbacks should exercise better judgment in their throws, coaches should enhance their coaching strategies, and defenders should aim for safer tackling zones.

Brady firmly stated, "To put the blame on the defensive player all the time is just flat out wrong. We need better QB play!! It’s not OK for QBs to get your WRs hit because of your bad decisions!"

NFL Suspension Sparks Controversy

The NFL's decision to suspend Kazee for the remainder of the regular season, including any potential playoff games, added fuel to the debate.

The hit occurred during the second quarter of the game between the Colts and the Pittsburgh Steelers when Pittman Jr. caught a pass from Gardner Minshew II. As a result of the hit, Pittman Jr. was placed in the league's concussion protocol.

This incident comes in the wake of Brady's recent criticism of the NFL, where he cited a perceived abundance of mediocrity in the league, with coaching and talent development under scrutiny.

Colts head coach Shane Steichen weighed in on the matter, acknowledging that such hits shouldn't happen but are an unfortunate part of football. Wide receiver Josh Downs, who also felt the impact of Kazee's hit during the game, expressed relief that Pittman Jr.

was alright. Adding another perspective to the conversation, Colts assistant defensive backs coach Mike Mitchell took to social media to share his thoughts. Drawing from his own experience as a former NFL defensive back, Mitchell expressed his frustration at the challenges faced by safeties in today's game, particularly in light of the league's rules and interpretations.

He emphasized his commitment to player safety but highlighted the complexity of playing safety in the modern NFL. As the discussion continues to unfold, it remains clear that player safety and the dynamics of the game are subjects of ongoing debate in the NFL, with voices from all corners of the league contributing to the conversation.

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