Trevor Lawrence in Concussion Protocol Following Jaguars' Defeat

Jaguars Face Setback Amid Key Quarterback's Injury Concerns.

by Nouman Rasool
Trevor Lawrence in Concussion Protocol Following Jaguars' Defeat
© Courtney Culbreath/Getty Images

In a pivotal game for the Jacksonville Jaguars, quarterback Trevor Lawrence sustained a potentially significant injury, casting a shadow over the team's playoff aspirations. During Sunday night's clash against the Baltimore Ravens at EverBank Stadium, Lawrence was placed in the concussion protocol following a 23-7 defeat.

This development raises concerns about his availability for the upcoming crucial matchup against the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. Jaguars' head coach Doug Pederson disclosed that Lawrence was injured during one of his scrambles on the team's final possession, though he could not pinpoint the exact play.

Lawrence's potential absence for Sunday's game poses a challenge for the Jaguars, who are currently vying for the top spot in the AFC South, sharing an 8-6 record with the Houston Texans and the Indianapolis Colts. Since being selected first overall in the 2021 NFL Draft, Lawrence has been a mainstay for the Jaguars, starting in 48 consecutive games.

In the event that Lawrence is unable to take the field against the Buccaneers, the responsibility would fall to backup quarterback C.J. Beathard. The team, having recently released third-string quarterback Nathan Rourke, is expected to make roster adjustments early in the week to bolster their quarterback lineup.

Lawrence's Mixed Performance

Lawrence's performance against the Ravens was a mixed bag. Completing 25 of 43 passes, he accumulated 264 yards and a touchdown. However, his two fumbles were capitalized on by the Ravens, contributing 10 points to their victory.

A critical error occurred at the end of the first half, with the Jaguars within striking distance of the Baltimore 5-yard line, but time expired before they could score. A notable moment was the Jaguars' failure to score at the end of the first half, despite reaching the 5-yard line on a 36-yard completion to receiver Zay Jones.

Miscommunication led to the clock running out before they could snap the ball, a mistake Pederson attributed to both Lawrence and the coaching staff. This error was emblematic of a challenging first half for the Jaguars, which also saw kicker Brandon McManus miss two field goal attempts and Lawrence lose a fumble that led to the Ravens' lone touchdown of the half.

Lawrence's second fumble in the third quarter set up the Ravens to extend their lead with a Justin Tucker field goal, solidifying their 23-7 win. As the Jaguars regroup and assess Lawrence's status, they face a critical juncture in their season.

The team's response to this adversity, and Lawrence's potential return, will be closely watched as the playoff race intensifies.