Lions' Coach Dan Campbell Praises GM Holmes Following Victory Over Broncos

Lions' rookies shine brightly in recent commanding victory.

by Nouman Rasool
Lions' Coach Dan Campbell Praises GM Holmes Following Victory Over Broncos
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In a remarkable showcase of rookie talent, the Detroit Lions, led by their sensational newcomers, secured a dominant 42-17 victory over the Denver Broncos on December 16. The spotlight shone brightly on Jahmyr Gibbs, the rookie running back, and Sam LaPorta, the first-year tight end, who together orchestrated an offensive masterclass.

Jahmyr Gibbs, demonstrating his prowess on the field, charged through the Broncos' defense with an impressive 100 yards from just 11 carries, averaging an extraordinary 9.1 yards per rush. His dynamic performance didn't stop there; Gibbs also contributed significantly to the Lions' aerial attack, securing a receiving touchdown along with two catches for 8 yards.

LaPorta's Touchdown Triumph

Equally impressive was Sam LaPorta, whose presence on the field was nothing short of impactful. LaPorta's skill as a tight end was on full display as he made 5 receptions totaling 56 yards. Remarkably, three of those receptions concluded in the end zone, a testament to his scoring ability and rapport with the quarterback.

The success of these rookies did not go unnoticed by Lions head coach Dan Campbell, who, in his postgame press conference, lauded their performances. Campbell, however, was quick to redirect the accolades to Lions general manager Brad Holmes.

It was Holmes who made the decisive choice to draft Gibbs and LaPorta in the 2023 NFL draft, a decision that, despite initial criticism, now seems to be a stroke of genius. "I’m just going to bring it back to Brad Holmes,” Campbell remarked, emphasizing the GM's pivotal role in shaping the team's current success.

“It’s a hell of a job by him once again. Took a lot of criticism for those two picks. But they look like they’re ok, so I’m glad we’ve got them,” he added, highlighting the transformative impact these two rookies have had on the team.

The Lions' triumph, fueled by the exceptional performances of their young stars, not only signals a promising future for the team but also serves as a vindication of Holmes' vision and acumen in identifying and nurturing talent.

As the season progresses, all eyes will undoubtedly be on Gibbs and LaPorta, whose burgeoning careers are already shaping up to be the cornerstone of the Lions' offensive strategy.

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