Titans Release Player Over Effort and Attitude Concerns

Shaking up the roster, the Tennessee Titans make a bold move.

by Nouman Rasool
Titans Release Player Over Effort and Attitude Concerns
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In a significant move just two days ahead of their critical matchup against the Houston Texans, the Tennessee Titans have waived defensive tackle Teair Tart, a decision that underscores the franchise's commitment to maintaining a high standard of performance and professionalism.

Sources close to ESPN reveal that the Titans' decision to release Tart was driven by growing concerns regarding his effort and attitude. These issues were reportedly evident during the Titans' recent Monday night game against the Miami Dolphins, where Tart's performance seemed lackluster.

Insiders suggest that Tart's frustration stems from his current contract situation. Playing this season under a second-round tender, Tart's future with the team had become increasingly uncertain. Titans head coach Mike Vrabel, in a November statement, acknowledged the precarious nature of Tart's tenure with the team.

"There's no secret that Teair's contract's up after this year," Vrabel remarked, as reported by ESPN. He emphasized the dual opportunity that Tart faced: the chance to not only contribute positively to the team but also to secure his own financial future and that of his family.

Despite the opportunity laid out by Vrabel, it appears that Tart's journey with the Titans is concluding without the prospect of a rewarding extension.

During his tenure with the team, Tart made a noteworthy contribution, amassing 76 tackles, 2.5 sacks, a forced fumble, and an interception. His performance, while respectable, ultimately fell short in aligning with the team's expectations regarding player conduct and commitment.

The release of Tart opens up speculations about his future in the NFL. As a player who has shown the ability to make significant contributions on the field, it remains to be seen whether another team in need of a defensive tackle will take a chance on him, despite the concerns raised by his recent departure from the Titans.

This development marks yet another instance of the NFL's stringent stance on player performance and conduct, underscoring the league's focus on not just skill and ability but also the attitude and effort players bring to their teams.

As the Titans move forward without Tart, they reaffirm their dedication to fostering a team culture centered on professionalism and high performance.

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