Steelers' Diontae Johnson: Overthinking reason for leading league in drops

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Steelers' Diontae Johnson: Overthinking reason for leading league in drops

Pittsburgh Steelers wide receiver Diontae Johnson thinks that overthinking has played a factor in him dropping catches and leading the NFL in drops. Johnson, who was taken by the Steelers in the third round of the 2019 NFL draft, has a league-high 11 drops.

Johnson dropped two catches in a loss to the Buffalo Bills and three catches in a loss to the Washington Football Team. "It has to do with a little bit of overthinking," Johnson said Saturday, explaining the cause of his drops, per ESPN.

"Overthinking about catching the ball. Once you get those drops, you kind of get it in the back of your head like, 'catch it, catch it, catch it.' It's all you really think about. When you see the ball coming your way and you are thinking about it in the back of your mind, you are just like, 'ugh.'

You don't want to try and shy away from it. I have been dropping the ball, but I don't let that define me as a person and as a player. "I know what I am capable of doing. I showed that earlier in the season up until this point.

I keep a mindset, that next play mentality, and when the ball comes my way try to make a play." Johnson hoping to bounce back against the Cincinnati Bengals The Steelers, who started the season with a perfect 11-0 record, have now lost back-to-back games.

On Monday Night Football, Johnson will be hoping to put up a good performance against the Bengals and help the Steelers' losing streak. "It's just been a lack of focus," Johnson said. "We know what we're supposed to do when we catch the ball.

... We try not to think about that too much because if you think about it, it's going to show in your play. We're just trying to go far by making plays each and every snap, just locking in a little more than what you normally would do.

Whether you know it or not, those moments that you lock in like that are real special." Johnson was benched by Steelers head coach Mike Tomlin early on after dropping back-to-back catches against the Bills. "I really didn't have a clue," Johnson said of his benching.

"When I dropped the first one, I thought I have to make a play, try to do something. When I dropped the second one, I had it, tucked it and it slipped out of my hands. After that he pulled me. I was a little upset. At the end of the day I have to catch the ball, plain and simple."