Chiefs Kadarius Toney Accuses Refs of Lying in Key Call During Bills Game

Chiefs' recent game controversy takes an unexpected turn.

by Nouman Rasool
Chiefs Kadarius Toney Accuses Refs of Lying in Key Call During Bills Game
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In a recent development surrounding the Kansas City Chiefs, wide receiver Kadarius Toney expressed his discontent over a pivotal call in their previous encounter with the Buffalo Bills. The incident in question occurred during the last minutes of the fourth quarter in the game on December 10, where Toney was flagged for an offsides penalty.

This critical call negated a 27-yard touchdown pass from tight end Travis Kelce to Toney, significantly impacting the game's outcome. Toney's contentious penalty arose as the Chiefs were trailing by three points, striving to gain the upper hand.

However, this setback pushed them further from a potential scoring opportunity, ultimately leading to a turnover on downs. The Bills capitalized on this, securing a 20-17 victory.

Toney Challenges Penalty Call

Addressing the media on December 14, Toney vehemently disputed the call.

"Pretty much bogus. It is what it is," he stated, as reported by Fox 4 Kansas City. He further claimed that contrary to the league's statement, he received no prior warning from the officials about his positioning, directly contradicting their account.

This incident also spotlighted Chiefs quarterback Patrick Mahomes, who exhibited visible frustration during the game. His postgame conduct, particularly towards the officials and opposing quarterback Josh Allen, was a topic of discussion.

Mahomes, acknowledging his behavior, expressed regret the following day during an appearance on 610 Sports Radio in Kansas City. "Obviously you don't want to react that way... I want to go out there and put everything on the line to win, but obviously, you can't do that," he admitted.

The aftermath of this game leaves the Buffalo Bills with a 7-6 record, placing them in a complex position for the playoffs. The Bills, now in a six-way tie for sixth in the AFC, were edged out of a playoff spot due to tiebreakers.

However, they have an opportunity to improve their standing in their upcoming game against the Dallas Cowboys on December 17 in Orchard Park. According to predictions by Quarter4, the Bills hold a 55% chance of victory in this crucial matchup.

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