Broncos' Russell Wilson Nears New NFL QB Milestone

Wilson Spearheads Denver's Remarkable Late-Season Turnaround.

by Nouman Rasool
Broncos' Russell Wilson Nears New NFL QB Milestone
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As the Denver Broncos navigate through the final stretch of the regular season, their star quarterback Russell Wilson stands on the cusp of an unprecedented NFL achievement. According to team sources, Wilson is just 391 passing yards away from being the first quarterback in league history to accumulate nine seasons with over 3,000 passing yards and at least 300 rushing yards in a single year.

With the 15th week of the season approaching, Wilson's performance has been nothing short of stellar. He has amassed 2,609 passing yards, thrown 23 touchdowns, and conceded eight interceptions. His prowess on the ground is equally impressive, having rushed for 315 yards and two touchdowns.

His proficiency places him among the top six quarterbacks in several critical statistics, including completion percentage, touchdown passes, touchdown percentage, passer rating, fourth-quarter comebacks, and game-winning drives.

Broncos' Playoff Surge

The Broncos' recent success, winning six of their last seven games, can be largely attributed to Wilson's impressive statistics. Their resurgence has thrust them into the heart of the AFC playoff contention.

Reflecting on their current standing, Wilson commented, "We’re in a horse race. We’re three quarters of the way through, and you have to finish the last quarter strong. The best thing we can do is stay focused on us and playing our best football.

That’s really key." To claim the record, Wilson needs to average 97.75 passing yards in the remaining games, a target well within his reach considering his current form. The next opportunity for Wilson to narrow this gap comes in a challenging road game against the Detroit Lions, who rank 19th in pass defense, allowing an average of 226.6 yards per game.

This potential record is not just a personal milestone for Wilson but a testament to his consistent excellence and versatility as a quarterback. As the Broncos gear up for their upcoming games, all eyes will be on Wilson, a player who continually defies expectations and redefines the standards of quarterback play in the NFL.

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