Tom Brady's Alternate Universe: From Football Legend to Baseball Star

Exploring a world where Tom Brady dominates baseball.

by Faizan Chaudhary
Tom Brady's Alternate Universe: From Football Legend to Baseball Star
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In a fascinating twist to sports history, Tom Brady, often hailed as the greatest NFL player of all time, has sparked a captivating reimagining of his career. Known for his unparalleled achievements in football, including a staggering seven Super Bowl rings, Brady's athletic prowess actually extends beyond the gridiron.

Before his iconic rise in the NFL, Brady was a gifted multi-sport athlete, proficient in both football and baseball. His talent in baseball was so notable that he was once drafted by the Montreal Expos, making him the last active NFL player with such a unique distinction.

Marvel's acclaimed series, "What If...?", serves as the inspiration for a creative video where Brady explores an alternative universe where he chose baseball over football. This intriguing scenario poses the question: What if Tom Brady had pursued a career with the MLB, specifically with the Montreal Expos? The answer unfolds in a thrilling reimagining of sports history.

Brady's Baseball Triumphs

In this alternate reality, Brady's impact on baseball is nothing short of extraordinary. He is envisioned as a seven-time World Series champion, outshining legends with 649 home runs, ranking seventh all-time ahead of the illustrious Ken Griffey Jr.

In a career spanning 23 seasons, Brady, as a catcher, is imagined to have earned three MVP titles. This alternate timeline also suggests a significant change in the fate of the Montreal Expos. In our world, the Expos transitioned to become the Washington Nationals, but in this imagined universe, Brady's star power anchors the team in Montreal.

The narrative further delves into Brady's legendary comebacks, this time in the realm of baseball. He is envisioned leading epic victories, notably winning the World Series against the Atlanta Braves. However, some constants remain, as Brady also faces defeats, losing twice to the San Francisco Giants in the World Series.

To commemorate this imaginative journey, Topps has released a rookie card featuring Tom Brady as an Expos prospect. This unique collectible, now available for purchase, captures the fascinating "what could have been" scenario of Brady as an MLB legend.

The card's tagline, "What might have been could be yours," resonates with fans, offering a tangible piece of this alternate sports history. While Tom Brady ultimately chose the NFL, becoming a football icon, this imaginative exploration into an alternate career path in baseball offers fans a unique glimpse into a different facet of his athletic talent, bridging the gap between two major sports leagues.

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