Sean Lewis Talks Colorado Stint with Deion Sanders

Sean Lewis reflects on a pivotal career transition.

by Nouman Rasool
Sean Lewis Talks Colorado Stint with Deion Sanders
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The 2023 college football season was a rollercoaster for Sean Lewis, marked by highs and lows that ultimately led to a significant career shift. Initially, Lewis joined the Colorado Buffaloes as the offensive coordinator, working under the dynamic leadership of Deion "Coach Prime" Sanders.

This collaboration at one of the nation's most anticipated programs seemed promising, but the season unfolded in unexpected ways. Mid-season, Sanders shifted Lewis' role to co-offensive coordinator, a change that hinted at challenges within the team's framework.

Despite a strong 3-0 start and considerable hype around Coach Prime, the Buffaloes struggled to maintain their early momentum. The season concluded with a less-than-ideal 4-8 record, leaving Lewis' future with the team uncertain.

Lewis's Positive Shift

However, Lewis's journey took a positive turn when he was appointed head coach at San Diego State University, a significant elevation in his coaching career. Reflecting on his tenure with Sanders and the Buffaloes, Lewis recently shared his perspective on the experience with Jim Rome of On3: “If I did not make that leap of faith and make that move, we wouldn’t be talking today.

I have been a Midwest guy for the majority of my career, with a little bit of time in the northeast. Coach Prime gave me a tremendous opportunity to come west and establish ties in this region”. Lewis expressed gratitude for the opportunity Sanders provided, emphasizing the valuable lessons and experiences gained during his time in Boulder.

“Because of the great work we were able to do, this door and opportunity opened. So, no regrets. I’m grateful and thankful for the experiences shared, the lessons learned, and ready to apply them to build something special here at SDSU,” he added.

Lewis’s stint at Colorado undoubtedly raised his profile nationally.

His leadership of the Buffaloes' initially explosive offense caught the attention of many, setting the stage for his new role at SDSU. This won't be his first head coaching position, as he previously led Kent State University from 2018 to 2022.

His tenure there included a 24-31 record and a MAC East title in 2021. As he embarks on this new chapter at San Diego State, Lewis carries with him a wealth of experience and a no-regret attitude, poised to make a significant impact in his new role.

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