Robbie Gould, Esteemed NFL Kicker, Announces Retirement

NFL Legend's Career Culminates with Heartfelt Retirement Announcement.

by Faizan Chaudhary
Robbie Gould, Esteemed NFL Kicker, Announces Retirement
© Jeff Bottari/GettyImages

In an emotionally charged declaration penned exclusively for The Players' Tribune, Robbie Gould, the revered former kicker of the San Francisco 49ers and Chicago Bears, has officially called time on his illustrious 18-year career in the National Football League (NFL).

At the age of 40, Gould leaves behind an indelible legacy, ranking as the 10th highest point-scorer in NFL history, with a remarkable tally of 1,961 points, and an impressive 8th place in field goals made, notching 447 over his career.

His enduring success is underscored by his career field goal success rate of 86.4%, an achievement that secures him the ninth spot in all-time rankings. Gould's journey into the NFL annals began when he became one of the initial free agents signed by the San Francisco 49ers during the tenure of Coach Kyle Shanahan and General Manager John Lynch in 2017.

From that moment, he displayed unwavering consistency, solidifying his status as one of the NFL's most reliable kickers and ultimately ascending to become one of the league's top all-time scorers.

San Francisco's Irresistible Appeal

Reflecting on his decision, Gould revealed that the allure of playing for San Francisco was irresistible, citing Kyle Shanahan's coaching prowess and the promising offensive setup as decisive factors in his choice.

Despite the team's less-than-stellar record at the time, Gould's foresight into the franchise's long-term potential was a testament to his football acumen. In his final season, Gould's performance was exemplary, with a 27-of-32 record on field goals and a near-flawless 50-of-51 on extra points.

These accomplishments catapulted him to second place in field goals (161) and fourth in scoring (704) in the history of the San Francisco 49ers. Gould's clutch performances in playoff scenarios are etched in NFL lore. Having never missed a playoff field goal attempt in his career, including eight in 2022, he recounted his most unforgettable moment—a 45-yard field goal in the dying seconds against the Green Bay Packers, propelling the 49ers to the NFC Championship Game.

Though the ultimate Super Bowl victory eluded him, the satisfaction of besting the Packers and delighting Chicago Bears fans was deeply gratifying. Before his tenure with the 49ers, Gould dedicated a decade to the Chicago Bears, leaving an indelible mark as their all-time leading scorer with 1,207 points.

Fondly reminiscing about his time in Chicago, he expressed profound gratitude to the McCaskey family for affording him the opportunity to live out his childhood dream. Chicago, he revealed, was more than a football city for him—it was where he met his wife and where they raised their three children.

As he transitions into retirement, Gould eagerly anticipates spending quality time with his family, acknowledging that his NFL career had often kept him away from his loved ones. Robbie Gould leaves the gridiron with a rich legacy, not only as a kicker of extraordinary skill but as a cherished figure in the hearts of fans in both San Francisco and Chicago.

As he steps into the next phase of his life, Gould's enduring contributions to the NFL will forever be celebrated, and his presence will be sorely missed on the field.