Chiefs Fall to Packers 27-19, Travis Kelce: 'They Outplayed Us'


Chiefs Fall to Packers 27-19, Travis Kelce: 'They Outplayed Us'
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In a surprising turn of events, both Jason and Travis Kelce faced setbacks in their recent NFL matchups. Travis Kelce, the celebrated tight end for the Kansas City Chiefs, reflected on his team's loss in a recent episode of the New Heights podcast.

The Chiefs' 27-19 defeat against Jordan Love’s Green Bay Packers in Week 13 was a topic of candid discussion. Kelce expressed his respect for the Packers' performance, acknowledging their superior execution. “Hats off to the Packers, they executed better than us,” Kelce said.

He emphasized that the Chiefs were competitive throughout the game but couldn't clinch the victory. Kelce's optimism shone through as he looked forward to returning to practice, aiming to reinvigorate the team's dynamic energy and reinforce their winning culture.

Kelce's 1,000-Yard Chase

As the season progresses, the spotlight is also on Travis Kelce's pursuit of the 1,000-yard receiving milestone. Post-Week 13, Kelce's tally stands at 813 yards, averaging around 63 yards per game.

With five weeks remaining in the regular season, he faces a tight timeline to extend his streak of 1,000-yard seasons. However, his current pace indicates a promising finish with an estimated total of approximately 1,125 yards.

It's important to note that Kelce missed the opening week due to injury, which alters his average yardage calculation. Accounting for this, he averages about 74 yards per game in the matches he has played. If this trend continues, Kelce is projected to close the season with around 1,256 yards, surpassing the coveted 1,000-yard mark comfortably.

Despite a potential shortfall in total yardage compared to last year's 1,338 yards, Kelce's per-game performance remains consistently high. However, his touchdown receptions have seen a decline. Last season, Kelce achieved 12 touchdown catches, but this year, he stands at five with five games left.

This statistic reflects a noticeable drop since his last touchdown in the October 22 game against the Los Angeles Chargers. Kelce's journey this season is a testament to his resilience and skill, as he navigates through challenges to maintain his standing as one of the NFL's elite tight ends.

As the season unfolds, all eyes will be on Kelce, watching whether he can achieve his statistical goals and help steer the Chiefs to more victories.

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