Colorado Players in Transfer Portal Post-Deion Sanders' First Year

Key Buffaloes player eyes new horizons after standout season.

by Nouman Rasool
Colorado Players in Transfer Portal Post-Deion Sanders' First Year
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As the Colorado Buffaloes close the chapter on a challenging yet transformative season under the new leadership of Deion Sanders, a significant shift is underway. The onset of December marked the opening of the transfer portal, heralding a wave of player movements from the Buffaloes' roster.

This development underscores the ever-evolving landscape of college football and the impact of coaching changes on team dynamics. Despite a promising start with a 3-0 record, Colorado's season concluded with a 4-8 finish (1-8 in the Pac 12), a notable improvement from the previous year's 1-11 tally (1-8 in the Pac 12).

This progression is largely credited to Sanders' recruitment strategy, notably attracting talents like two-way star Travis Hunter and his son, quarterback Shedeur Sanders. However, with the transfer portal now open, several Buffaloes players have signaled their intentions to seek new opportunities, reshaping the team's composition for the upcoming season.

Among those seeking new pastures is quarterback Kasen Weisman. Despite not seeing game action this season, Weisman, a freshman with four remaining eligibility years, is exploring options beyond Boulder. Initially committing to Kansas, Weisman's journey led him to Colorado and potentially to another chapter in his collegiate career.

Caleb Fauria, another notable name, lost his starting position as tight end to Michael Harrison in 2023. With appearances in seven games in 2022 and six in 2023, Fauria, now a graduate transfer, has two years of eligibility remaining.

After a five-season stint with Colorado, Linebacker Marvin Ham II is also on the move. Despite starting in four of the first five games, Ham found his role reduced as the season progressed. His career at Colorado includes 40 game appearances with 10 starts.

Gerad Christian-Lichtenhan, standing at an imposing 6-foot-10 and the tallest player in Colorado football history, has announced his transfer plans. Christian-Lichtenhan, an offensive tackle, will graduate from Colorado before transferring to complete his collegiate career.

Harrison Eyes Transfer

Despite a breakout season with 31 receptions for 284 yards and five touchdowns, Michael Harrison is also seeking opportunities elsewhere. His standout performance against Colorado State, featuring seven receptions for 76 yards and two touchdowns, highlighted his potential.

Both wide receivers, Chernet Estes and Cole Boscia are looking to rejuvenate their careers after not seeing action recently. Estes, with three years of eligibility left, and Boscia, also with three years remaining, are searching for a fresh start.

Center Van Wells, a consistent starter for 11 of 12 games this season, declared his intent to transfer, bringing two years of eligibility to his prospective new team. Lastly, running back Anthony Hankerson, despite competing in a crowded backfield, made significant contributions as the team's second-leading rusher, amassing 319 yards on 78 attempts.

This exodus of players, coinciding with coaching departures, signals a period of reinvention for the Buffaloes under Sanders' leadership. As the team navigates this transition, the coming season will undoubtedly reveal the resilience and adaptability of both the players and the coaching staff in the dynamic landscape of college football.

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