Arch Manning Future Influenced by Quinn Ewers' Texas Move

Exploring Ewers' Impactful Transfer and Future Prospects.

by Nouman Rasool
Arch Manning Future Influenced by Quinn Ewers' Texas Move
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In a developing scenario that could significantly impact the University of Texas' football landscape, quarterback Quinn Ewers is reportedly considering a return for his fourth collegiate season in 2024. This decision, as highlighted by ESPN, has gained considerable momentum in recent weeks and could create a complex situation for Arch Manning, a highly-touted recruit in the Longhorns' program.

Ewers, who has been instrumental in leading Texas to an impressive 11-1 record this season, throwing for 2,709 yards with 17 touchdowns, is currently weighing his options. His potential return could pose a dilemma for Manning.

As Texas emerges as a national title contender, Manning, the nephew of NFL legends Peyton and Eli Manning, might have to decide between remaining a backup at Texas or seeking a starting role at another university in his sophomore year.

This decision carries significant weight, not just for Manning, but also for Texas, as it could influence the team's strategy in recruiting players from the transfer portal. The portal's fall transfer segment is set to commence on December 4, and Manning's decision, which could come as early as next week according to ESPN, will likely play a critical role.

Ewers' Notable Journey

Ewers' journey to this point has been noteworthy. After spending his first season at Ohio State without playing, he transferred to Texas for the 2022 season, starting in 10 games. His potential return for the 2024 season coincides with Texas' anticipated move to the SEC, marking a new era for the program.

Manning's journey has been less straightforward. Ranked No. 5 in ESPN’s Class of 2023 and topping 247Sports’ composite rankings, he committed to Steve Sarkisian’s program but faced challenges in securing a starting or backup position.

He only attempted five passes during his freshman year and made a brief appearance in a game against Texas Tech, completing two of five passes for 30 yards. The implications of Ewers' decision extend beyond the immediate team dynamics.

With Ewers being discussed as a potential No. 1 overall pick in the 2025 NFL Draft, Manning's opportunities to showcase his talent to professional scouts could be limited to cameo appearances, unless he opts for a transfer.

This scenario adds a layer of intrigue and speculation around Manning's future, as the college football world eagerly awaits the decisions of these two prominent players at the University of Texas.