Patrick Mahomes: Worst Season Ever? The Numbers Speak


Patrick Mahomes: Worst Season Ever? The Numbers Speak
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Amidst the 2023 NFL season, the Kansas City Chiefs, led by their two-time Super Bowl champion quarterback Patrick Mahomes, have encountered a perplexing struggle on the offensive front. While the Chiefs boast an impressive 8-3 record and secure the 2nd seed in the AFC, it is not their famed explosive offense that has carried them this far.

Instead, it's their elite defense that stands as the primary pillar of strength, allowing the second-fewest points in the league. The Chiefs' offensive inconsistency has become all too apparent, with three losses that saw them held to meager point totals of 20, 9, and 17.

Even in their victories, the offense has failed to shine, mustering just 17, 19, 21, and 23 points. This is an unprecedented development in the Patrick Mahomes era, where scoring extravaganzas were the norm. Several factors could be contributing to this drop in offensive production.

The stellar defense may have relieved the Chiefs from high-pressure, high-scoring situations that demand Mahomes to shoulder the load. The departure of offensive coordinator Eric Bieniemy, who played a crucial role from 2018 to 2022, could also be a factor.

Nonetheless, the most glaring issue has been the underwhelming performance of the Chiefs' wide receivers. Skyy Moore, Kadarius Toney, Mecole Hardman, and even veteran Marquez Valdes-Scantling have struggled to make a significant impact.

Rookie Rashee Rice has shown promise but has yet to consistently log substantial playing time, while Justin Watson, though capable, does not pose a consistent threat.

Mahomes' 2023 Season Stats

A look at Mahomes' 2023 season statistics reveals a noticeable dip in his performance, by his own lofty standards.

With the exception of completion percentage and sack percentage, Mahomes is currently enduring his most challenging season as a starter:

  • 2023: 5.1 TD%, 2.2 INT%, 7.1 AY/A, 49.6 Passing Success Rate, 96.3 Passer Rating
  • 2022: 6.3 TD%, 1.9 INT%, 8.5 AY/A, 54.6 Passing Success Rate, 105.2 Passer Rating
  • 2021: 5.6 TD%, 2.0 INT%, 7.6 AY/A, 53.2 Passing Success Rate, 98.5 Passer Rating
  • 2020: 6.5 TD%, 1.0 INT%, 8.9 AY/A, 54.1 Passing Success Rate, 108.2 Passer Rating
  • 2019: 5.4 TD%, 1.0 INT%, 8.9 AY/A, 50.9 Passing Success Rate, 105.3 Passer Rating
  • 2018: 8.6 TD%, 2.1 INT%, 9.6 AY/A, 54.1 Passing Success Rate, 113.8 Passer Rating
Despite these challenges, Mahomes remains a formidable contender, ranking second in NFL MVP odds.

His "down" year still outshines the best seasons of most quarterbacks in the league, a testament to his enduring greatness and resilience. As the season progresses, the NFL world eagerly watches to see if Mahomes can overcome these obstacles and lead the Chiefs to yet another Super Bowl victory.

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