Cowboys VP: Mike McCarthy will return as coach in 2021

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Cowboys VP: Mike McCarthy will return as coach in 2021

Dallas Cowboys head coach Mike McCarthy hasn't had a dream start to his stint with Dallas but the team's executive vice president Stephen Jones has confirmed that McCarthy will return as the team's head coach in 2021.

McCarthy, who signed a five-year deal with the Cowboys earlier this year, hoped to lead Dallas to winning a Super Bowl in his first season but that likely won't happen this season. The Cowboys, who own a 4-9 record, hold the last place of the NFC East Division but they still have a chance of making the tsince the first-placed Washington Football Team has a 6-7 record.

"There will be absolutely no change with coach Mike McCarthy," Jones said during his appearance on 105.3 The Fan in Dallas, as quoted on ESPN. "If you look at his track record and pedigree, he's consistently won year in and year out and we have the utmost confidence that this ship is going to be righted quickly.

And Mike's going to be the leader of this group and he's certainly a great head coach. I think we're going to see that going forward, that he's a great head coach in this league. He's accomplished a lot and he's going to accomplish a lot more before it's all said and done."

McCarthy not happy with the Cowboys' record

Last week, McCarthy said that he wasn't happy with the way things have gone this season but underlined that he loves Dallas and that he wants to be there. "No one likes where we are today.

But I think to a man everybody sees the opportunity to continue to build. We still have a number of opportunities in front of us. With that, my focus has always been about improving. We definitely need to improve," McCarthy said.

"This has been a hard stretch. And it's just really the stretch has been difficult because the number of challenges that everybody in this league goes through. We're just not doing as well as we'd like with the multiple challenges that we've had.

I'm glad to be a Dallas Cowboy. I love it here. This is a phenomenal opportunity. Make no mistake about it. This is not where we intended to be. This is not where we're going to stay." This past Sunday, the Cowboys put up a good performance on the road as they beat the Cincinnati Bengals 30-7.